On January 31, 2014 the celebrations begin for the Year of the Wood Horse. From what I have found, according to legend this promises to be a year of speedy success, unexpected adventures and surprising romances. There is high regard for the horse, as a speedy and powerful land animal, it is considered important to befriend the horse. It is thought of as an independant animal, for instance consider that the young foal is able to stand on it’s own within 10 minutes of birth, walking almost immediately after that.

Perhaps it is a good time to consider what the horse might represent in our own lives. Here are some examples of how we refer to horses in our everyday conversations:

Get on your high horse
Hold your horses
Horsing around, horse play
You lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink
Straight from the horses mouth
Horse of a different color
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
Don’t put the cart before the horse
Work horse
Horse power
Kick like a horse

Do any of those expressions describe your thinking or behavior? Are you on a high horse or do you consider yourself a work horse? Do you wait for a hero to ride in on a white horse to rescue you ?

I have worked with clients who have had images of horses in their trance states that helped them ride to freedom, away from the worries they were carrying. They felt powerful and safe. After the session, they could hold onto that feeling in other settings and circumstances. It is beneficial to think of the horse and the qualities it represents to you, then close your eyes for a few moments and imagine those qualities becoming yours. Take a ride to your desired destiny and then begin to take the actions to make that dream a reality.