self determination

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This is a great example of how it feels to conquer something that once seemed impossible. Even as adults we can relate to this young man.

Eleni shared with me how she had the good fortune of capturing an egret who was holding on to his dinner. This magnificent bird had just caught a fish and was ready to dine when Eleni had the amazing luck of seeing him. She always has her camera at the ready, so she whipped into a parking lot and snapped these pictures. I would only warn you not to drive behind Eleni, knowing how crazy US 19 is and that she will do anything for a picture!

According to my findings, the symbolic meaning of such a bird is self determination and self reliance. Also the tendency to be a “jack of all trades”. I have seldom if ever met anyone stronger, more self confident than Eleni. This just seems fitting! Someday she will share her amazing stories, trust me it will be a page turner!