True Virtual Hypnosis* is Live – Interactive – Personal – Private – Safe – Convenient

(*not Virtual Gastric Band, which is a different service)

Perhaps you know that a Virtual Assistant performs office work at a distance. Virtual Hypnosis is a live interactive session via phone or skype.

There are occasions when you may be unable to visit with me in my office, yet the desire for a session doesn’t change.  Perhaps, like some of my clients you live a far distance from my office.  Maybe you travel for business for extended periods of time. I have worked with clients who don’t drive and are hindered from traveling by a lack of transportation or initial fear of travel.  Regardless of the reason, Virtual Hypnosis can be conducted by phone and by Skype.  Sign up for Skype-to-Skype is free and easy, learn how here.

Virtual Hypnosis is perfect for people who
•    live out of state or a far distance from my office
•    frequently travel
•    have scheduling conflicts
•    might otherwise miss their office appointment
•    initially have fear of travel
•    lack transportation
•    like the convenience
•    want to deal with their challenges, in the very place the challenge exists
•    desire a live session, not an mp3

Virtual Hypnosis is a powerful tool for you to have on hand, whether you are an international client or a local client who typically sees me in my office!

8 Steps to Virtual Hypnosis Success

1.    Make an appointment.

Make an Online Appointment

Call: 727-215-0283

2.    Submit intake paperwork. 
Download and email; 
Current clients do not need to do this again.
3.    Prepare equipment ahead of time. You will need high speed internet with skype-to-skype or phone with headphones.
4.    Prepare a comfortable,safe spot. pillow, blanket anything you need to be comfortable. Check the temperature, is it too hot, too cold, or just right? Make sure that you will be safe if you fall asleep during your session.
5.    Prepare a list of questions and concerns regarding your issue prior to the call.  Have pen and paper handy to take notes.
6.    Set aside approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours for the appointment. (Preparation and the session)
7.    Be sure to consider and eliminate any possible noise or interruptions. turn off all phones, beepers and other alerts. If needed, hang a do not disturb sign on your door or doorbell. Do you need to hydrate or to use the restroom?
8.    Be ready, on time.