April 13, 2009

More smokers seek hypnotic help to kick the habit

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Jan 2, 2009

423597_367719629928462_183430697_nThe POWER of Hypnosis:
Hypnotizing your way to a healthy New Year!
Interview with WTSP news 10Connects

Dec 9, 2008

Learn how to relax and enjoy the Holiday Season
Interview with Marty Matthews

Dec 9, 2008

Learn how to relax and enjoy the Holiday Season
Interview with Marty Matthews

tampabay10_lane2Feb 7, 2008

Find Love Through Hypnotism
Interview with Marty Matthews

Tampabay’s 10 news reporter Marty Matthews discovers how Debbie Lane’s new hypnosis seminar: The REAL Love Potion #9 can get you on the path to love.

Lane, International Hypnotist of the year explains that hypnosis is an intense state of focused relaxation to overcome negative thoughts and behaviors, determine exactly what you want in a relationship and attract that like a magnet.

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405496_10151151253257628_1711344437_nJan 18, 2008

Tampa Bay’s New Rock Alternative
Fisher & Boy radio

Fisher’s getting sleepy…VERY sleepy. Hypnotist Debbie Lane has Fisher preparing dinners for World Peace and seeing Boy in a dress. Listen if you have a sense of humor.

97XFisherAndBoyClick on this boy’s face to listen. Look for this boy’s face in the “older” archives..you may have to go back several pages. You can also SEE what went on in the studio! Watch the show on TAMPA BAY ON DEMAND Channel 340 (Brighthouse Network). Search the MUSIC Category for BEHIND THE SCENES and select FISHER HYPNOTIZED.

423597_367719629928462_183430697_nJan 4, 2008

January 4th is World Hypnotism Day Local & State
By Preston Rudy story & video Aired

Debbie Lane says hypnosis is not mind control, it’s not involuntary and it can not make you do something you don’t want to do. “People think its mind control that somehow I can change their belief system. That doesn’t happen. If this was mind control there would be world peace.”

WHD_hypno… Lane, a certified hypnotist with a practice in Palm Harbor, says hypnosis can be a big benefit to people…hypnosis is a state of focused concentration that can be used to rid people of their mental road blocks or negative energy. She says she’s used hypnosis to help people quit smoking, with weight management, become better golfers or get over their fears of public speaking. Friday January 4 th is the fourth annual World Hypnotism Day and Lane wants people to know the benefits of hypnotism. So on Saturday she will be holding a free workshop open to the public.

402795_10150703630369838_1973422692_nPublished Jan 4, 2008

You are getting very sleepy…
Life Tampabay.com  |  By Dalia Wheatt story

You are getting very sleepy … In honor of World Hypnotism Day on Friday (did you forget again?), our fearless reporter goes under the spell of a local hypnotist. What’s it like in there, Dalia?

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423597_367719629928462_183430697_nJune 5, 2007

Golfer takes swing at hypnosis to give him edge!

Life Around The Bay Tampabays 10 News By David Leonard aired June 5, 2007 story video
Hypnotist Debbie Lane has been working with golfer Hal Dorman several times in the last two months. She puts him in a relaxed state of hypnosis and makes suggestions to his subconscience to improve his game.

…Tiger Woods has admitted to using hypnosis to keep his game on course.

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logoPublished: April 28, 2007

Local hypnotist exposes ‘The Secret’ at benefit for Women’s Resource Center
The Suncoast News  |  By Jessica  Bair

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. – “The Secret” is out and has been recently featured on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.” … the power of positive thinking will be the topic of discussion at the Laws of Attraction workshop conducted by certified hypnotherapist Debbie Lane of Wisdom Hypnosis, in Palm Harbor.

tbohypnosisMarch 11, 2007

A State of Mind

Health4You tbo.com Tampa TribunePatty Kim reporting
Patty Kim gets hypnotized and exposes myths associated with the practice

WendiDebbieIact150March 4, 2007

Talk 650 KSTE 
Wendi Friesen Radio Show Interview
Northern California 

4 p.m. Pacific Time >Listen<

Wendi names Debbie Lane,C.Ht . the “Go to girl” for hypnosis on the east coast.
…how she did it, why it worked and what went on in that hypnosis room with the final ending of the girls 37 day non-stop hiccuping.

Does hypnosis get the attention it deserves? After numerous medications, doctors, endless procedures, the cure came in a one hour hypnosis session. Is the press keeping it a secret? Find out!

423597_367719629928462_183430697_nHiccup Chick finally stops

Tampabay10.com Tampa, FL
…she was at her hypnotist in the second stage of therapy when the nearly non stop spasms finally disappeared

1653819_10153876347880500_207413096_nHiccup Cures

Wfla news channel 8
Rod Carter reporting

…After almost a month of hiccups 15 yr old Jennifer Mee is finally cured after a two hour session with certified hypnotist Debbie Lane….locate hiccup cures in the drop down menu at www.wfla.com

402795_10150703630369838_1973422692_nMarch 2, 2007

After 37 days of hiccuping, silence St. Petersburg Times

St. Petersburg, Fla. STATE Edition MARY JANE PARK
As she came out of a hypnotic trance Wednesday, Jennifer Mee started to tear up. After 37 days of hiccups, her spasms had stopped.

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Jan 4, 2007

In control but also relaxed
St. Petersburg Times – St. Petersburg, Fla. STATE EditionNICOLE JOHNSON
Reporter tries hypnosis for wedding jitters

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Jan 4, 2007

You are not getting very sleepy

St. Petersburg Times – St. Petersburg, Fla. STATE Edition
There is no swinging pendulum, no quacking like a duck…Toss out pretty much everything you think you know about hypnosis.

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