My name is Debbie Lane and I am a hypnotherapist, certified in integrative hypnosis and medical hypnosis. My early career included teaching reading to students with special needs. I moved to preschool education, moving from a classroom teacher to Director of centers and eventually the Vice President of a national childcare group.

Working with secondary students who had behavioral issues and then the little ones helped to encourage my curiosity about how we cultivate some of our worst habits. It seemed to me that so many people were hurting and I felt called to help guide them through to relief. I took my first class in hypnosis and as I often say, “it was love at first trance”.

Using a combination of hypnosis, Organic hypnosis™ and neuro-linguistic programing my clients have created tremendous changes in their lives. It is rewarding to know that when the client leaves my office they feel better than when they arrived. People will ask me about my favorite hypnosis sessions. That is a trick question as they all are! It certainly was intriguing to successfully work with the Hiccup Chick and every pack of cigarettes that isn’t sold because of hypnosis thrills me.

I think however, the call I got from a young man who saw me about his stuttering was the best. He had stuttered since he was 3 years old and was about to go off to college. He so wanted to go and “fit in” without the stuttering. Well, we discovered what had started the stuttering and changed it around for him. He stopped stuttering completely in 3 sessions. His call to me came after he was on campus for a month. He just had to tell me (with tears choking him up) that NO ONE on campus knew he stuttered. I reminded him that was because he no longer did. I hung up and cried tears of gratitude. ~Debbie Lane

Information About Debbie

Tampa Bay Hypnosis Expert and 2007 International Hypnotist of the Year, Debbie Lane C.Ht. has experience with high-profile and complex cases. It’s no wonder that physicians refer their patients and the media has made her one of the region’s most sought-after hypnotists.

Debbie was certified by the Naturalife Institute in Basic Hypnosis and Integrative Hypnosis in 2002.  She is a member of the International Association of Therapists and Counselors, a member of the Hypnosis Education Association and an associate of the Unlimited Possibilities Hypnosis Institute.  Debbie was previously a vice president of a national chain of child care centers, The Learning Center, Inc.  She has combined her business, teaching and care giving experiences into a successful practice in Palm Harbor.

  • Debbie was awarded the International Hypnotist of the Year in 2007 and in 2008 by the International Association of Therapists and Counselors
  • Debbie was awarded the 2015 Lynn Groves Keys To Excellence Award by the Hypnosis Education Association
  • Awarded the 2007 Achievement Award by the Hypnosis Education Association
  • Featured in the Tampabay Times, the Tampa Tribune and the Suncoast News
  • Appeared on TLC network (Strange Sex), 10Connects, WFLA, 97X morning radio, Brighthouse Channel 340, The Hypnocaster and KSTE-AM radio
  • Keynoted for Anheuser Busch, WIN, IACT and Pinellas County School System
  • Contributing author: Real World Hypnosis and Natural Born Hypnotist
  • Featured in the book One Breath Away by M. William Phelps

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