What Are Hiccups?

Hiccups are an involuntary contraction (spasm) of the diaphragm muscle. The contraction is followed by a sudden closure of the vocal cords, which results in making the “hic” sound. Normally this will last only a few minutes up to a few hours. When the hiccups persist past 48 hours they are considered persistent hiccups, if they exceed a month they are considered  intractable hiccups.

While a temporary case of hiccups is annoying, intractable hiccups can be dangerous. Always seek the advice of your doctor first if you are suffering from a long term case of hiccups. It is important to be sure there is not something that needs medical attention, such as Central nervous system problems,  cancer, infections, stroke, or injury. A doctor will also eliminate problems with the chemical processes that take place in the body (metabolic problems), such as decreased kidney function or hyperventilation and irritation of the nerves in the head, neck, and chest.

Nothing Physical, Now What?

There are times that a doctor can find no physical reason for the hiccups and all the home remedies suggested just don’t seem to stop them. That is where hypnosis can help. Through hypnosis the “cause” of the hiccups can be found and addressed. Debbie has worked with numerous cases of intractable hiccups and has noticed that while there may be some similarities in the individuals she works with, there are just as many differences.

Something in common with each case is that there is stress occurring in the life of the person suffering from the hiccups. Regardless of age, sex, culture, finances and anything else you might consider, stress enters into everyone’s life. Stress takes a toll in many forms from feeling irritable to becoming ill. Along that journey, hiccups can show up. When they do, it seems as they take over as the primary stressor.

Organic Hypnosis™

One of Debbie’s early experiences with hiccups also became her most “famous” case. A young girl who started hiccuping in her science class and couldn’t seem to stop for over a month. The hiccups were loud and aggressive. Debbie did not do what she had been taught to do. That is, she didn’t find a script to read to the client or create one about stopping hiccups without first meeting the client and learning more about her. While trained in the protocols of medical hypnosis, Debbie employed her technique of Organic Hypnosis™. That is to say Debbie did some personal trance work prior to the session along with trance writing. It is through this process that Debbie was given a list of questions for the young woman. These questions would give Debbie the insights she would need to help and the processes she would use. The hiccups stopped in her office that day.

The publicity lead to numerous people from around the world contacting Debbie for help with their hiccups. Each time, Debbie would spend time utilizing the tools she has developed in Organic Hypnosis™ to discover the issues surrounding their hiccups. In each case, Debbie found the cause(s) and was able to assist the client in stopping. She would give the individual stress relieving techniques that were appropriate to their situation. She also gave them an audio to use after their visit(s) together for deeper work and improved results.

There was a retired gentleman who felt unheard after leaving a position of great power. There was a middle aged woman who lost her daughter to a controlling spouse and there were numerous everyday people who just needed help with stress.

If you have intractable hiccups and want help getting rid of them, Debbie and her use of Organic Hypnosis™ may help you.

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