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Hypnosis to Pass Exams

•    You have done the work.

•    You spent the time studying.

•    You know the information… you know you know it!

•    This time you are really prepared.

Then, when it is time to take the exam, your mind goes blank, your palms get sweaty and your stomach becomes queasy.  Fear of taking and passing a test can create physiological changes in the nervous system, preventing success.  Whether this is due to previous experience, added pressures, a belief you will fail or a general lack of confidence, the results have been the same -FAILURE!

Can Hypnosis really help me to pass tests and exams? YES!

Hypnosis can help you to reduce test taking anxiety and ignore all the negative thoughts that have tripped you up in the past.  The subconscious only needs to know you have a goal before it sets into motion all the tools you will need to obtain it.  Calming your thoughts, boosting your self confidence, changing your beliefs about how you will succeed and reducing the autonomic nervous system reactions all help you recall the information you need to succeed!  Hypnosis changes stress and fear into excitement, giving you that additional boost of energy!

Would YOU like to:

•    Study more effectively?

•    Retain more information in less time?

•    Eliminate test-taking anxiety?

•    Improve your test scores naturally?

•    Increase your concentration and alertness?

•    Let go of unnecessary distractions?

•    Improve your ability to recall information?

•    Take tests and exams with more confidence?

Hypnosis won’t give you perfect scores without studying -sorry! But you will be able to study more effectively and retain more information in less time. Take your tests with an alertness, focus, confidence and high level of concentration that you never thought possible.

Recently I went to Debbie Lane ‘s office from a recommendation from my boss to help prepare for a state exam. I admit I was not sure what to expect from my visit as well as a little bit skeptical but I soon found out that I had nothing to worry about.

Its kind of funny but from my session that was designed to help my memorization. I can still remember a lot of the questions word for word. Without her help I don’t know if I would of done as well as I did. I definitely will return in the future to take advantage of her services

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Fear can:

•    Paralyze your ability to make decisions

•    Keep you imprisoned, avoiding new activities and growth opportunities

•    Keep you stuck in insecurity, old negative behaviors and stinking thinking.

•    Stifle motivation

•    Prevent you from being willing to let go of old habits or ways of thinking in order to change.

•    Create resistance to offers of help.

•    Keep you locked in self-destructive behavior.

Through hypnosis the cause of the fear can be discovered and released.  New thought patterns and behaviors can be created, allowing you to live a fuller, more satisfying life.

heights_cindygcanyonxsmConquering my fear of heights is a Dream Come True

I was able to hike drop-offs and ledges and enjoy Beautiful Vistas via a hot air balloon ride and a plane/chopper excursion over and down into the Grand Canyon!!  A thrill of a Lifetime to celebrate my 50 th …with the knowledge that I have the opportunity for many more Lifetime Events!  Through my continued work with you and the amazing Power of the Subconscious Mind, I am growing in ways that I never imagined possible.  I am breaking old habits, creating New Intentions and Possibilities with New Confidence and Passion…a domino-effect is occurring in that this is changing EVERY aspect of my life in so many positive ways.  The work is Hard but the results are So Easy and bring that Smile from deep within!  I have seen changes in my personal relationships, my spiritual relationship with God, and in my work relationships as a critical care nurse with both co-workers and patients.  The power of using Hypnosis to overcome obstacles…to achieve dreams is Incredible!  I am feeling So Blessed and Soooo Empowered!  Thank You for your Guidance and Expertise…You are truly gifted in what you do


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Fear of Flying

Are you feeling cramped?  Muscles getting tight………

Is the cabin too small?  Breathing is difficult,,,,,,,,,

Perhaps you feel out of control?  Heart palpitations or chest pains,,,,,,

Do sudden dips and movements terrify you?  Sweating, feeling dizzy, perhaps dry mouth?

Even knowing that one is twenty nine times safer in a plane than in a car doesn’t change that vulnerable feeling.   Perhaps your fear of flying is related to heights or small spaces.  Maybe it is the discomfort of sitting in hot, stale air or feeling crowded.  For some, it relates to not being in control of the aircraft.

Through hypnosis you can expand your awareness beyond the fear and concerns.  You train your thoughts to go towards the goal of reaching your destiny.  You become aware of the steps you are taking towards success and freedom and give yourself credit for making changes.  You learn to face and release fears as you realize you are creating successful new beliefs and habits, while you relax and enjoy the journey!

How will no longer having a fear of flying change YOUR life?

-Lisa B.*

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Do a simple Google search on any subject and millions of possible answers are listed.  Your brain has the same ability for viewing any experience or thought in your life.  So, what if you took any situation in your life and rather than worry about the outcome, you decided to go to the best case scenario?

Through hypnosis you can change your thoughts.  Hypnosis allows the neuro-peptide chemicals in your brain and the receptor sites within the cells to create real happiness, thus allowing pride, contentment and serenity to become a reality.  Using your mind’s amazing ability to find the source of misery and conflict you release the pain, re frame the experiences and move towards a dynamic new you.  You can create optimism and hope and enjoy pleasure and gratitude.

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How to Stop Hair Pulling With Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy for Trichotillomania

Work and home issues creating stress can bring people to their breaking point. Many people struggle with the feeling of wanting to pull their hair out. Problems arise however, when you actually do pull your hair out.  When you pull your hair out repeatedly, leading to a noticeable hair loss, when there is a tension just prior to pulling your hair and a feeling of relief after doing so, you may suffer from trichotillomania.  You are not alone, the Trichotillomania Learning Center estimates that there are between 6 and 8 million Americans who struggle with trichotillomania. 

Loss of anxiety or relaxation is perhaps one of the biggest benefits to undergoing a course of hypnosis for those with Trichotillomania. A hypnotist familiar with Trich can help you overcome your stress through the use of hypnosis and stop hair pulling completely. More importantly, if you so desire you learn how to use self-hypnosis to relax and manage stressful thoughts that occur in relation to life experience or directly to pulling.

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