Are you on overwhelm? Do little things set you over the edge and into the abyss? If so, then you are like so many of my current clients. While they may come to see me for over eating or to stop smoking or nail biting (you can fill in the blank) overwhelm seems to be a secondary issue.

We have been inundated with negative current events for quite some time now. Politics headline daily, with both sides angry and insulting one another. The hurricanes this season were fast and furious, leaving trails of destruction in their wake. The shootings and terror attacks seem unfathomable. The fires in California have destroyed homes and taken lives. The light being shone on sexual harassment began with Hollywood, but goes so much deeper.  We are all suffering from so much negativity.

The ability to access news from around the world as it happens is both a blessing and a curse, both for obvious reasons. I have shared in the past about how important it is to turn the news off, get off of social media for a few hours and be present. Walking in nature or holding a live conversation can be so much more healing.

I just want to remind everyone (including myself) that it is important to be kind to one’s self. It is human to be imperfect! After all, we learn and grow from mistakes. I have some pretty savvy clients and when I tell them to be kind to themselves, to take care of their needs, they can list for me the things they “do” for themselves. Manicures, pedicures, massages and shopping therapy are a few things they will list for me. All good, but not what I am talking about.

Here are six ways you can be kind to you!

  1. Stop Trying To Be Perfect The perfectionist in us is the instigator to procrastination (if you can’t do a job well, don’t bother doing it).  It is impossible to be perfect, so we set ourselves up for failure if that is our expectation.
  2. Respect Yourself Self-respect means you don’t allow others to create your value. You know your integrity, authenticity and intent better than anyone else. Why would you let someone else determine who you are when they don’t know the REAL you?
  3. Forgive Yourself Maybe you messed up, so who hasn’t? You forgive co-workers, family and friends for mistakes; it is time you did the same for yourself.
  4. Create Me Time We all need time to get away from the crazy. Whether it is work demands, getting the kids to their after school activities or volunteer activities we keep a busy pace going. Everyone does better with some down time, time spent coloring, writing, playing a musical instrument or whatever it is that brings you joy.
  5. Be Aware Of Your Words When my sons were young, I learned quickly to be careful what I said in front of them, otherwise people would hear what I “really” thought. Well, if it can’t be said in front of the kids, I shouldn’t be saying (or thinking) it about myself. So, if you notice you are thinking about yourself in a way that you wouldn’t speak to your kids, your friends or a co-worker, maybe it’s time to change those words!
  6. Practice Self Hypnosis Through utilizing the power of your subconscious you can forgive yourself for any perceived wrong doings, find peace with yourself and others and create solutions for your challenges.

How are you kind?

These are but a few ideas, I know my readers. You can come up with several more ideas that work for you. So, please feel free to share your ideas with me. Let’s all work together for good, leave the negativity behind. I often see the meme online that reminds you to be kind because you don’t know what someone you meet is going through. We do know that all of us have been through a ton, so let’s be kind and supportive of one another, starting with ourselves!