I must confess….it is true…I have a tremendous weakness, an addiction if you will…..

I am hooked on hypnosis! It is so much fun to relax and allow my creative subconscious take over. Life has it’s ups and downs, no matter who you are. I am a pretty positive person, or so I am told by everyone! In fact, my husband embarrasses me with his comments about my positive attitude. (He claims sunshine emits from my body which is funny because my Grandfather’s nickname for me as a child was Sunshine Cookie!) Still, I am human and I have moments. It is in those times that my addiction kicks in. When I feel overwhelmed or constrained, I allow myself to lapse into trance. Quick and easy, it is a natural state, suddenly my subconscious takes over and possibilities and opportunities become my reality.

Recently, I had a very real challenge. It concerned my youngest son and his health. Most any parent understands that when the kids are concerned, you will do anything to take their pain away. And I do mean anything. Well, the facts were not looking so positive. The reality seemed harsh. So, when I would feel myself going to that grim, dark place, I had no choice. I had to focus on possibilities. After all, my son was counting on me.

I would relax, recall all the great moments of my life, of his life and of times I have spent with our family that are great. I would allow myself to fill with that powerful, positive emotion and then transfer those thoughts to him in a future moment, healthy and happy. I would see us celebrating his successes in life. It helped me focus on the possibilities that he has. He did the same thing during this process, focusing on reaching his goals. (He is an amazing young man, I think he is who I want to be when I grow up!)

Good news….he is healthy. He is happy. I am overjoyed!