It is wonderful when a weekend can be used for revitalization. That is just what this weekend was for me. Friday evening was pleasant and relaxed. Saturday, I spent time with a long time friend relaxing poolside at Innisbrook. We chatted about everything, if you are one of the people who had a chair besides us, I apologize for our constant chatter while you slept in the sun. (However, you must admit, we did solve all of the problems of the world in one afternoon!) Sunday was a surprise birthday party for a neighbor of mine.

The party was fabulous, everyone there really enjoyed themselves and the guest of honor was really surprised and delighted. I must digress a moment in order to tell you how she had tried to share her birthday news earlier. I live in a neighborhood where many residents own golf carts and weekends are spent riding from one house to another socializing. Well, my neighbor had been out on Saturday night with her boyfriend, visiting as they do, and would mention her birthday was coming up. One person after another seemed to answer with a brief, “oh that’s nice, well, happy birthday.” Then change conversation. You could sense her disappointment. Therefore, what fun to see her arrive to the yells of “SURPRISE!” as he children and grandchildren covered her in silly string!

During the course of the party, one gentleman was assisting a young mother in getting the children and all the contraband that goes with that, loaded into the car. The car door closed before he managed to save his pinky finger on one of his hands. He came back into the party looking ashen. He was clearly in pain. Someone got him a bag of ice and he began to ice the finger, but oh his pain! Although nothing was broken, he was gong to have quite a bruise. I asked him to begin to breathe deeply and slowly. He did. Then I asked him to close his eyes and begin to notice how cool the ice felt on his finger, how soothing that coolness felt. Then begin to focus on the amount of pain he had, give it a size in his mind. Next, begin to dissolve the size of the pain slowly, breaking it up and allowing the pain to become smaller and smaller as the coolness of the ice became more and more soothing. Now, he was to imagine the finger healing and restoring itself, sending signals of comfort to the finger and back to the brain. Relax, relax, allow this to be real, as real as is possible.

Suddenly his eyes popped open with a look of surprise. (I gulped.) He looked at me and said, “Hey, this really works! What you just did works! I feel better!” He laughed, I relaxed and everyone went on with the party.

Speaking of parties, I promised to post more about the Entrecard party today.

Three are 200+ possible winners, with a total value in prizes set at over $7000 and for the ECards users, exactly 66,666ec (”ec” = Entrecard Credits)!!!

This is how Marcus says you can enter to win:

Here is how to enter the party contest and belong to the lucky winners…

  1. Subscribe to the Blog Announcement List (see the sign-up field in the top right hand corner of this page, right below my image? Yup, there it is.) Not only does it bring you 2 points but I may send you a cool gift when you do 🙂 – 2 Points
  2. Post a comment to this blog post – 1 Point (one point per person)
  3. Stumble and digg about this contest and fav me on Technorati – 1 Point respectively
  4. Use the below party contest image(s) on your site (linking to this party contest) – 2 Points
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Hint: Use the same e-mail address and Web site’s URL when performing the above contest actions. That way, I will be able to track your entries. 😉

Draw of the winners will be held on MAY 1st!

Go check it all out (remember I am giving away a phone consultation and 7 Living The Lucky Life Audios).

So friends, Party On!