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As a client of Debbie Lane , Certified Hypnotist, I have finally been able to achieve weight loss that has been comfortable, continuous and puts me in control for the first time in my life!

I don’t count calories or worry about what to eat. I do exercise, drink lots of water and eat smaller portions of healthy foods, all with peace of mind and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I finally have what I have always wanted, a thin person’s perspective on food and life! This is really how I feel and it has changed my life, thanks to you!”

Rae G. Hertz, Ed.D., University Professor*

judipobstxmI was gifted with a Stop Smoking session with you last year at this time (from Sandy H-). I just wanted you to know that I haven’t smoked since! I know my resolve to quit was key, but am grateful for the support of the hypnosis session and your CD. Count me in as one of your many success stories!

Judi Pobst*

Recently I went to Debbie Lane ‘s office from a recommendation from my boss to help prepare for a state exam. I admit I was not sure what to expect from my visit as well as a little bit skeptical but I soon found out that I had nothing to worry about.

Its kind of funny but from my session that was designed to help my memorization. I can still remember a lot of the questions word for word. Without her help I don’t know if I would of done as well as I did. I definitely will return in the future to take advantage of her services

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heights_cindygcanyonxsmConquering my fear of heights is a Dream Come True

I was able to hike drop-offs and ledges and enjoy Beautiful Vistas via a hot air balloon ride and a plane/chopper excursion over and down into the Grand Canyon!!  A thrill of a Lifetime to celebrate my 50 th …with the knowledge that I have the opportunity for many more Lifetime Events!  Through my continued work with you and the amazing Power of the Subconscious Mind, I am growing in ways that I never imagined possible.  I am breaking old habits, creating New Intentions and Possibilities with New Confidence and Passion…a domino-effect is occurring in that this is changing EVERY aspect of my life in so many positive ways.  The work is Hard but the results are So Easy and bring that Smile from deep within!  I have seen changes in my personal relationships, my spiritual relationship with God, and in my work relationships as a critical care nurse with both co-workers and patients.  The power of using Hypnosis to overcome obstacles…to achieve dreams is Incredible!  I am feeling So Blessed and Soooo Empowered!  Thank You for your Guidance and Expertise…You are truly gifted in what you do


Lisa B.*

…I suffered from stomach problems for two years and having every gastrointestinal procedure known to man (and taken every medication – none of which worked).  After my husband suggested we seek help from specialists at the Mayo Clinic or Shands, I mulled over my options and next approach for treatment…. that being hypnosis or acupuncture.  After reading the article in the Tampa Tribune about your helping the little girl with the hiccups, I called to see you which was one of the best decisions of my life.  ONLY YOU were able to help me.  I have been symptom-free from our initial session.  All my body functions are working normally and I feel great!

Having a college degree and working in the corporate world for 30 years, I somewhat considered myself relatively smart and aware of many things and that the subconscious mind is a powerful thing.  However, “knowing it and making it so” are two different things.  You helped me realize just how powerful our words, thoughts and actions are on our daily functioning (both mentally and physically)and ultimately our lives.  ONLY YOU brought this out in me.  Call it “magic” a “miracle” or whatever word  one chooses….HYPNOSIS WORKS.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You saved my life!

Judy R.*

First Visit

Yesterday was my first meeting with Debbie for pound shedding hypnosis :-). Her office is located in her home which I found to be very comfortable and inviting. Debbie herself is extremely warm and friendly and I felt an immediate connection with her. She was thorough in her explanation of what to expect and addressed all of my questions and concerns. After just one session, I already felt a change in myself. I turned down cookies twice today

Customer since August 2014*

Her persistence pays off!

After a couple of sessions I thought I was “cured” but then fell off the wagon and was ready to give up – just another failed diet. But Debbie’s persistence and her commitment to my weight loss (which was stronger than my own commitment) helped get me back to positive thoughts and a restored faith in myself.

Customer since May 2014*

Effective, knowledgeable, kind, considerate, caring.

Debbie helped me quit smoking in a single session after years of other failed efforts. Debbie has also helped me with some personal challenges. She took the time to get to know me so she could address my specific needs. Just talking with Debbie is helpful, she has a large range of experiences and education in her field to draw on. She also follows up periodically to see how im doing. I’m very grateful to have found .Debbie

Customer since August 2013*


I immediately felt comfortable, respected, and safe with Debbie and found that I was easily able to relax and receive the benefits of the hypnosis and achieve the goals I wanted. She is a very spiritual, intelligent, compassionate person with a quick wit and I am grateful to my coworker for recommending her to me. I had been skeptical before about whether I could ever be hypnotized (I am an adult with ADHD) but I was very pleasantly surprised and will definitely refer her to others. A+++++

Customer since August 2013*

Guilt for many years

Debbie was able to talk to me and make me feel so comfortable to finally release my past as to why I felt the low self esteem and shame and guilt for many years of my life. She is a wonderful listener and has so much experience to know how you are feeling and why you have reacted to situations all your life. I felt completely safe and could open up to her. She has helped me to move forward with the wonderful life God has planned for me!! Thank you so much Debbie!

Customer since April 2014*

Exceeding my expectations.

I wasn’t sure what my first experience was going to be like. Somewhat text book maybe, 30 mins standard consultation and explaining process, 20 mins therapy session that quickly ends, last 10 mins collect payment and schedule follow up. My experience was anything but. WOW, the experience was deep and very powerful. I felt great after the session. Thank you for a wonderful experience. BTW, still not smoking.

Customer since August 2013*

Always helpful

Title says it all! As usual, left session calmer and more hopeful than before! That’s why I recommend her to family. You can’t give a better proof of belie than recommending to family!

Customer since February 2012*

Insightful, Caring Professional

I was referred to Debbie Lane by my neighbor who went to her once 18 months ago, to quit smoking, he has not touched one since. I just went yesterday to drop weight, only time will tell. I was very comfortable with Debbie immediately, who first talked with me about my goals and mindset. Debbie was incredibly insightful about my attitudes & behaviors. She is quite bright, caring and a total professional. I can easily recommend her, even this early on since my session.

Customer since March 2013*

Wonderful Experience

Debbie has a wonderful sense of humor and the ability to make you recognize your harmful self talk. You are not alone in dealing with life long problems. I highly recommend Debbie to anyone who is ready to make a positive change in their life.

Customer since March 2013*

Blow the roof off.

Doing well in my chosen profession, I looked for someone that could help me top my limits and keep me from some nasty self-sabotages that I do once in a while. Felt very at ease with Debbie and her guidance and exercises are affecting me very positively. Highly recommend.

Customer since July 2012*

I feel awesome!

Many thanks to you Debbie for your support and help. I feel more confident and more comfortable in my own body thanks to your hypnosis! You are such a wise, caring and nurturing woman! You have inspired me to live fearlessly! Much gratitude and thanks, R. 🙂

Customer since May 2012*

It’s gets better and better

I can’t thank you enough Debbie. Each time I have seen you has been better than the last. I feel happier, stress free and more confident in myself and it’s because of you. Best, Mike

Customer since February 2012*

Felt so much better and was told LOOKED better!

I have been to many places, but it is rare for my family to say that I LOOK better than I have in a long time. I know I felt better, no question, but that others saw it too really hit me. Very happy and know I shall be back for more help. If nothing more than to breath! 🙂

Customer since February 2012*


Debbie is unbelievably effective. If you’re not sure you should give hypnotism a try, please don’t hesitate! I cannot remember being this happy since I was a child. Thank you Debbie.

Customer since February 2012*


Thank you Debbie for helping bring out possitive awareness in myself , support and guidence to a better way of living. For myself personally, I’ve been drawn to a spiritual direction. I feel I was given an opportunity to learn more and to be open to this . Sincerely, Mary

Customer since February 2012*

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