Working Women Of Florida hosted a conference on September  5th and 6th at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, FL. I was honored to be asked to speak on the subject of fear. Standing on the stage with 400 women present was an awesome experience. (Notice the picture at the top of this page.) The love and energy of this group of women inspired me to keep doing what I love most. I met some pretty amazing ladies, whom I hope to share with for a long time to come.
The presentation included the 5 “A’s” to remember when you desire to overcome fear. Those include:
  • Acknowledge
  • Awfulize
  • Appreciate
  • Ask (Afform)
  • Act
Acknowledge your fear and what it really represents for you. Is there a deeper reason for the fear? For instance, I once experienced a fear of driving that was more about a fear of success than it was about driving. Once I acknowledged that, I was ready to let that go and move forward!
Awfulize those dreaded experiences. In other words, take it to the extreme. That can help you realize that things aren’t going to be quite what you imagine. If in fact they are pretty bad, you might be surprised at the tools and skills you have in place for handling the situation.
Appreciate that in the past those feelings have served a purpose. Once you can accept and honor that, it is time to understand that you have outgrown other old behaviors (i.e. thumb sucking for comfort).  You no longer need these limiting thoughts and beliefs.
Ask questions that will help you. Rather than continuing to ask questions based in negative programming, begin to ask the questions that a changed you might ask. Instead of asking, “what if this went wrong”, imagine asking, “what if this went right”? (More information on questions that work for you can be found in the works of Noah St. John, originator of Afformations.)
Act on your new beliefs and understandings. To decide you have overcome a fear of elevators is great, to ride in one is real victory. Find someone you trust to support you in taking those first steps and celebrate the new you!

Take steps today to begin creating the life free of fear that you desire. Please, let me know your stories. I’d love to share your successes with others.
This wonderful lady has visited with me twice. Her son gave her the gift of two visits for Christmas. She was skeptical and it took until May for her to decide to come in. Now she is returning for more sessions and wants friends and family to come in.

We will follow her progress and post again!

The arrival of spring brings thoughts of new beginnings and new possibilities. We tend to spring clean our homes, cleaning out the dirt, the cobwebs that have collected through out the dark winter in our homes. Spring cleaning can happen in our minds as well. When you eliminate the clutter that surrounds you, your body and your head often begin to release as well. (How cool is that right before swimsuit season?)

It is so freeing when you release old negative self talk, the tapes we play over and over of all the reasons we are stuck in a rut. What if we destroyed those old tapes, that old stinking thinking? Imagine finding evidence of ways we are worthy of happiness?

I just had a marvelous young woman in my office, I will call her Eve for this purpose. Eve told me how her boss will bring attention to her accomplishments during meetings, in a positive way, yet, still she hates it. She said her boss celebrates her and she wants to crawl into a hole. Further discussion revealed that the boss was sincere.

Apparently, Eve was never celebrated as a child. In fact, quite the opposite. So, this new feeling was uncomfortable. She did eventually recall one time in her life when her family did celebrate a very real accomplishment. “It felt so good to be heard and seen”, Eve said. We began to look for evidence in her life of times she was heard and seen. Each time she found any, Eve imagined a celebration, feeling those same good feelings from the initial event we discussed. The next step for Eve was to begin a daily journal of moments that she felt she was heard and seen. No matter how small the event, it was a compilation of evidence that she can and will be seen, heard and celebrated.

Perhaps you can find a thought or belief that has been cluttering your mind and holding you back. Begin to search your memory for a time that proved otherwise. Find a second and finally a third piece of evidence. Take a moment to relive those times and create the same sense of good feelings that you felt originally. Each day continue to write these moments down to create your evidence journal. Spend five minutes a day imagining a new thought and allow the clutter to be cleaned out of your mind.

As a post script to Eve, she called to let me know that her boss again mentioned her during a staff meeting. This time she smiled, beamed is what she actually said she did!

Imagine if you could create 10 daily habits, that empower you. Just ten things you do daily, that create a sense of who you are and why you are here. You already have daily habits, brushing your teeth, maybe coffee and the paper or walking the dog. Just think, if you began to do some things just for you. How fabulous would you feel?

I include self-hypnosis into my daily routine, when I miss it, I really miss it! When I miss my daily self-hypnosis, my family reminds me, because they miss it too. (Funny how family will let you know when you aren’t quite right.) I also drink a gallon of water every day, encourage myself in the mirror every day (making eye contact) and listen to inspirational/motivational audios when driving. I want to work up to ten. I will start with just one more at a time, once it is a real part of my day, I can add more.

How about joining me? Imagine if we all worked towards ten daily habits that brought more joy, prosperity and excitement into our lives?