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A segment that the Good Morning America team are doing that has truly been inspirational, has been the dares the hosts are challenging one another with. They are attempting to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones and therefore inspire their audience to do the same. I have the joy of observing people do the same in my work.

First of all Robin Roberts was dared to walk the catwalk in a fashion show. Robin is currently undergoing treatments for breast cancer. While she is an attractive and slim woman, her self image has been more athletic than glamorous it seems. She has taken a hit to the ego with her loss of hair (and energy, I imagine) from the chemotherapy. So, she was challenged to walk the runway with beautiful, young, runway models. Robin walked with style, in bright red and without her wig on! She was fabulous! It brought me to tears.

Next, Sam Cuomo fell from a 51 story building in a stunt team descender. The mental preparations once again were astounding. My stomach lurched with him as he left the ledge of that building. I was glad he was safe and laughing at the end of his stunt.

Then Diane Sawyer was challenged to do a fire walk. Now we’re talking something I would enjoy. (And not just because I am cold even in warm, sunny Florida!) Fire walking, a right of passage into the belief that you can accomplish anything for many cultures through out history. In preparation for this event, Diane and her team went to see a hypnotist. The piece they did on hypnosis was fabulous! They were factual and informative. They included an expert from Harvard Medical School as well as Dr. David Spiegel, a psychiatrist at Stanford University

Click here for the link to the video:
Diane And ‘GMA’ Staffers Prepare For Their Dare.

Whats challenges can you create today? How can you stretch yourself just a little further than you thought possible? Do you use self-hypnosis to stretch? Wow, I’m excited as I write this, thinking I have only begun to find out what I can truly accomplish.

I found this article online : Speed Healing: The Road To Rapid Recovery

The article begins by explaining that when animals are sick or injured, they slink off to the comfort of their nest or lair until they’re all better. You usually have to make breakfast, show up at work, and retrieve the dry cleaning — no matter how you feel. Getting better is just one more entry on your checklist of things to do.

Fortunately, researchers have identified steps you can take immediately to bounce back faster.
Listed amongst them is hypnosis. You see, hypnosis may accelerate recovery from serious injuries and surgeries. A Harvard Medical School study showed that the fractured bones of patients who received regular hypnotherapy were fusing at an advanced rate — 6 weeks after the break, their bones appeared to have been healing for 8-1/2 weeks. A separate Harvard study also found that the incision wounds of women who were hypnotized before and after breast-reduction surgery healed more quickly. The hypnotized women also had less pain.