Hello Friend.  It’s been a while. I know how things go, life takes over and the best of intentions become excuses. It becomes easy to put off taking care of ourselves with the many demands made upon us. Maybe you find other expenses cause you to postpone giving yourself the boost you need so badly, your goals seem to be getting further and further out of reach.

Well, I understand. I’ve decided to do something about it. Let me help you reduce at least the financial excuse so that you can get Back On Track and on your way to success!

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Last week I received a call from a local journalist who wanted to experience hypnosis. We arranged a time for her to come to my office and experience hypnosis. Today I was delighted to see her review of the whole experience posted at Tampabay.com.

If you are considering hypnosis for change, but you aren’t sure if it’s for you this article might help you decide. 

Cesar A. Lara, MD; Center for Weight Management is now making hypnotherapy available in his Clearwater office. Debbie Lane C.Ht. will be taking appointments on Wednesdays beginning July 13, 2011.  Dr. Lara feels that lifestyle change is the key to successful weight loss, and hypnosis is a tool that can affect behavior and lifestyle quickly and effectively.   Dr. Lara’s vision is not only to help his patients achieve their desired healthy weight, but more importantly, to help each patient develop a healthier lifestyle that will keep the weight off. He believes that the addition of hypnosis will enhance the experiences of his patients.

Lane states, “Hypnosis is powerful, when you use hypnosis to help your weight loss efforts, you get amazing results. Through hypnosis you work directly with the part of your brain that controls your habits, so it becomes easier to instill new habits and breakold ones. Patients in medical weight loss programs or meal plans find that hypnosis is the skill set that helps their success.
The Clearwater office of Cesar A. Lara MD; Center for Weight Management is located at 1217 Ewing Ave., Clearwater, FL 33756. The offices can be reached by phone at 727-446-3021.

Wisdom Hypnosis has been around since 2002, when Debbie Lane got certified in hypnosis. Debbie Lane is well known in this part of FL, for her charitable work and working with weight maintenance clients. She is also nationally known as the hypnotist who quieted the hiccups of the hiccup-girl.

Hypnosis is a valuable tool that helps people to make positive changes and eliminate undesirable behaviors. Since Hypnosis is a natural state, there are no bad side effects. Debbie Lane asserts, “Hypnosis is good for you, smoking is not.” Because so many people need the services of an experienced certified hypnotist, Wisdom Hypnosis is expanding. Now more people who wish to expand their horizons can overcome former limitations. Wisdom hypnosis has added another hypnotist to their staff and is now open on Saturday mornings to better serve the needs of the community. Debbie and her staff are available every day except Wednesday and Sunday. See www.wisdomhypnosis.com for more information.


See what’s coming up next on The Dr. Oz Show.


I work with clients all the time with weight issues. I can see you in my office, work by phone or even by Skype. Imagine shedding extra fat from the comfort of your home, so easily, you can do it with your eyes closed?!

Hypnosis has made the headlines again. The people want to know if it is safe. Well, Palm Harbor hypnotherapist Debbie Lane is giving a hypnosis seminar on Wednesday, May 25th, at 7:00 p.m. It will be a two hour session that will explain all about hypnosis. After finally putting the myths to bed, Debbie will lead a group hypnosis that will help smokers quit. 
The event will be hosted by the Tarpon Springs Elks, 1719.  The Elks Lodge is located at 237 S Pinellas Ave, Tarpon Springs.  The suggested donation is only $55.00 and 100% of the proceeds from the door will be donated to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. Team Rose Buds will be present to help ensure all smokers are comfortable and ready to quit. Team Rose Buds will be walking for the 3 day, 60 miles.

Lane states, “I have a very high success rate with smokers quitting through my sessions. My clients often call me after they have tried every other method and are feeling like a failure.” Lane continues, “Hypnosis is used widely by licensed medical professionals and also is emerging as a recognized distinct profession with a rigorous code of ethics.  She promises that no one will replace smoking with quacking like a duck, although they may experience the best night’s sleep they have had in a very long time. Lane will explain in depth what hypnosis is and what it is not.

Anyone interested in attending the event should contact Lane as seating is limited.  She can be reached at 727-781-8483
This wonderful lady has visited with me twice. Her son gave her the gift of two visits for Christmas. She was skeptical and it took until May for her to decide to come in. Now she is returning for more sessions and wants friends and family to come in.

We will follow her progress and post again!

A year later and still sending me new clients!

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