Often, one of the first things people think of with hypnosis is the phrase, “Look into my eyes”. In fact, it tickles me when someone hears what I do and their first response is to avert their eyes and say something to the effect that they are afraid of eye contact with me. They are afraid of the power they believe I will hold over them. If only that power was true, there would be world peace and my sons would clean their rooms automatically!

There is power in my eyes, however. You see, when I look into my own eyes, deep within, I am amazed at who is looking back at me. This is something I practice often. (This is another one of those daily habits I have included in my list.) All too often, we look at our faces, when brushing teeth or washing, putting on make up or shaving, but we avoid actual eye contact. Perhaps, it is something many people never even think to do. Yet, it is so amazingly powerful.

Try looking deep within your eyes, make eye contact just as you would when meeting a friend and then repeat something positive about yourself aloud. Start by using your name and follow with an affirmation of your value. For instance, if you are a working on shedding those extra pounds, begin with your name and how you deserve to look great and feel healthy. The first time, it may feel a bit silly, but repeat it. Do this daily for a week and you will begin to notice a difference in your perceptions of yourself.

Here is a quote from a recent email sent to me by a client who I suggested try this technique: “Thank you again, I feel like I am on a flying cloud. If this is what looking in the mirror and talking to myself does, I am not stopping!” I have another client who uses the rear view mirror each time she gets into the car to remind herself how calm and confident she is on her way to a sales call. She has commented how much easier her commute has become from home to office and from office to customer. So, if you notice someone in the car at the stoplight next to you who seems to be holding a conversation with themselves in the rear view mirror, remember, they may just be creating a safer traffic flow for you too!

I guess to sum this up: The eyes have it!

I love when an athlete will attest to the powers of hypnosis. Here is a rugby player,
Shontayne Hape who has been undergoing hypnosis to help him cope with his third knee reconstruction operation. Then there is this article telling about how more and more young athletes seek out mental toughness coaches.

I have had the privilege of working with martial arts students, Olympic hopefuls, golfers, football players and even a ping pong player to name a few.

There are times when an individual may seek help for an issue, appear to be trying and yet success alludes them. There are those who reach their desired success quickly, then seem to do a complete 180 degree turn. Why is this?

Perhaps it is due to something called a secondary gain. If your disease allows you to miss days of work or school, illicit sympathy or gain attention, these are some examples of what a secondary gain is. Every behavior we have rewards us in some way or we wouldn’t have that behavior. That’s right, every behavior. Even the negative ones. Therefore, when changes don’t seem to occur, it is time to take a look at what the benefit is.

It is usually said that to suggest you might be taking advantage of others as a result of your suffering is to blame the victim. How can you take any course of action when you are assumed to be unable to help yourself? This allows you to be treated as a victim, removing any responsibility to change your circumstances.

Are you giving yourself permission to act out irresponsibly because you “can’t control yourself”? Going a step further, you can treat others poorly or have power over them if you are the “victim” and they need to conform to your special needs. Perhaps your family all has a similar issue and this allows you to be a part of the clan.

Through hypnosis, we can journey together to discover what the gains are. They are often not something the logical mind would expect. Once discovered, another method of meeting that need can be established. A healthy habit, thought or behavior that will allow you to move beyond the issue towards success. Away from over eating, nail biting, smoking or even the hiccups towards a life of freedom!

A former client with a long term physical ailment came to me hoping for a cure. There had been quite a bit of attention given to her ailment and her attempts at curing it. In my office, she was able to find relief. However, we agreed there needed to be more work done, to allow this to become a permanent change. The siren call of the media attention took hold. The follow up visits were not kept. The relief was sporadic. Perhaps a secondary gain can be seen here.

When you make a commitment to yourself, for change, it is important that you follow through with the entire course of action. You are worth it!

I found this article online : Speed Healing: The Road To Rapid Recovery

The article begins by explaining that when animals are sick or injured, they slink off to the comfort of their nest or lair until they’re all better. You usually have to make breakfast, show up at work, and retrieve the dry cleaning — no matter how you feel. Getting better is just one more entry on your checklist of things to do.

Fortunately, researchers have identified steps you can take immediately to bounce back faster.
Listed amongst them is hypnosis. You see, hypnosis may accelerate recovery from serious injuries and surgeries. A Harvard Medical School study showed that the fractured bones of patients who received regular hypnotherapy were fusing at an advanced rate — 6 weeks after the break, their bones appeared to have been healing for 8-1/2 weeks. A separate Harvard study also found that the incision wounds of women who were hypnotized before and after breast-reduction surgery healed more quickly. The hypnotized women also had less pain.

Happy Hour Without The Alcohol!

Everybody loves Hump Day! You know, the day that says you’ve survived half of the work week already and haven’t wrung the neck of that whistling co-worker or told your boss in most uncertain terms where and how to place that extra task! Now, the drive home through traffic with folks who just like you are overloaded, but somehow, unlike you they have forgotten how to drive properly. 😉 Awaiting you at home is a broken appliance or an agitated loved one or who knows what other fun?

Well, in my office, we have a solution. That’s right, an alcohol free happy hour. This “Happiness Booster” consists of the combined expertise of myself (the hypnotist) and acupuncturist Christine Hasinger into 15 minutes of sheer delight. Motorists can pop in on the way home, spend 15 minutes to relax, have a snack and be on their way! All this for $25. most of which is going to the local children’s hospital. If you live or work nearby, here is the link to the page, just scroll down to events. We just wanted to create a way to eliminate stress and raise money for a charity that matters to us!


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“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

Edward Stanley
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

It is interesting how many people come to see me for weight management and when the time comes to discuss exercise, they become adament that they don’t/won’t exercise. Either they don’t like to sweat or they don’t have time. Truth be told, there will never be the right time. You may be waiting for things to calm down but, life is busy, things happen. Your job, family obligations, social networking are going to continue. When you exercise, you can do it all with a clearer more focused mind. Exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment. You have to admit, it sure feels good when you finish to say you are a person who follows through on a commitment.

So, start small. Walk the dog, take the stairs instead of the elevator and give yourself a goal of 15 minutes a day just for exercise. Play golf, ride your bike, join the kids at the park. The more you succeed, the more you teach your brain to find pleasure in exercise and a powerful feeling of success.

The beauty of hypnosis sessions for exercise increase is that we get past all the excuses the client can create. We find the real block to exercise and remove it, release it, get rid of it! Then we get to a place where the individual creates a real genuine desire for those powerful feelings generated in you after your best work out ever!

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