“What does hypnosis feel like? I’m not sure that I can go under, I don’t think I was under last time.” I recently had a woman tell me this as we sat and discussed her previous experience and her goals.  I had taken the time to patiently explain to her during our first visit that hypnosis doesn’t “feel” like anything. Still, she wanted that “feely” experience.  We have several sessions mapped out as she has a sleeping disorder that spans 50+ years. She is not happy with the sleeping pills she was prescribed, but even more fearful of not having them. So, after a friend of hers suggested she try hypnosis with me, she decided to give it a go. She is highly motivated, willing to do the work I give her after our sessions. It was just that she was unsure she was going under.

I asked her what she had felt in the first session, she replied, “Very relaxed, is all.” When she got home and listened to the audios I had given her, she said she felt very relaxed again. I asked her what she thought she should be experiencing. She didn’t know, she just felt like this wasn’t it. After all, it was a familiar feeling. She could hear me during the trance portion of the session and felt as if she could open her eyes at any time.

I know it is a bit late for Easter, unless of course you celebrate Greek Easter. I managed to post this on facebook and left my blog out. Mea culpa. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this, it is brief and relaxing.

Cesar A. Lara, MD; Center for Weight Management is now making hypnotherapy available in his Clearwater office. Debbie Lane C.Ht. will be taking appointments on Wednesdays beginning July 13, 2011.  Dr. Lara feels that lifestyle change is the key to successful weight loss, and hypnosis is a tool that can affect behavior and lifestyle quickly and effectively.   Dr. Lara’s vision is not only to help his patients achieve their desired healthy weight, but more importantly, to help each patient develop a healthier lifestyle that will keep the weight off. He believes that the addition of hypnosis will enhance the experiences of his patients.

Lane states, “Hypnosis is powerful, when you use hypnosis to help your weight loss efforts, you get amazing results. Through hypnosis you work directly with the part of your brain that controls your habits, so it becomes easier to instill new habits and breakold ones. Patients in medical weight loss programs or meal plans find that hypnosis is the skill set that helps their success.
The Clearwater office of Cesar A. Lara MD; Center for Weight Management is located at 1217 Ewing Ave., Clearwater, FL 33756. The offices can be reached by phone at 727-446-3021.

Wisdom Hypnosis has been around since 2002, when Debbie Lane got certified in hypnosis. Debbie Lane is well known in this part of FL, for her charitable work and working with weight maintenance clients. She is also nationally known as the hypnotist who quieted the hiccups of the hiccup-girl.

Hypnosis is a valuable tool that helps people to make positive changes and eliminate undesirable behaviors. Since Hypnosis is a natural state, there are no bad side effects. Debbie Lane asserts, “Hypnosis is good for you, smoking is not.” Because so many people need the services of an experienced certified hypnotist, Wisdom Hypnosis is expanding. Now more people who wish to expand their horizons can overcome former limitations. Wisdom hypnosis has added another hypnotist to their staff and is now open on Saturday mornings to better serve the needs of the community. Debbie and her staff are available every day except Wednesday and Sunday. See www.wisdomhypnosis.com for more information.

This wonderful lady has visited with me twice. Her son gave her the gift of two visits for Christmas. She was skeptical and it took until May for her to decide to come in. Now she is returning for more sessions and wants friends and family to come in.

We will follow her progress and post again!

A year later and still sending me new clients!

From time to time I get calls from people who want to work with me, yet they live a distance that is not conducive to having a face to face visit. When possible, I refer to a local hypnotherapist. However, in some cases, there is no one nearby, or the individual has made the choice that I am the only they want to work with. Other times, there are folks, who for a variety of reasons are shut-ins. In the modern era of internet communications, there is an easy solution. We can now work together as if we were in the same room, even when separated by thousands of miles!

I even kept in contact with my son while he was out of the country this way! As shown in this picture ~~~>

The question has been asked if online therapy is as good as face to face. An interesting review was written on CNNHealth here: Therapy Online: Good As Face To Face?
“A new study in The Lancet suggests that real-time chat therapy with a psychotherapist is successful in helping people with depression.

Of the 113 people who did online therapy, 38 percent recovered from depression after four months, compared with 24 percent of people in the control group. The benefits were maintained at eight months, with 42 percent of the online therapy group and 26 percent of the control group having recovered.

The level of benefit shown in the study is about the same as could be expected from traditional therapy, although the researchers did not compare the two as part of the experiment, said Dr. Gregory Simon, a psychiatrist and researcher at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, Washington, who wrote the editorial that accompanied the study.”

This study was limited to instant messaging! I prefer to use Skype whenever possible. That allows me to read the client and they can see my expressions as well. When a client uses a headset as well, they can block out any other interferences easily and relax into a wonderful state of trance.

Only problem is, they tend to want to trance every time they put on their headsets once they have experienced how peacefully and easily they make changes!

I received a lovely note from a directory group in the UK. Unfortunately, my lack of savvy when it comes to all things technical prevented me from a simple cut and paste of their article. I am way too preoccupied with the Prodigal Son’s imminent return to retype the whole thing.

What I will share is that this group offers folks looking to find a hypnotherapist near them a list of qualified individuals whose credentials have been verified. They post their location, what areas the hypnotist deals with, their training and their fees. They also have many articles written by hypnotherapists regarding any number of issues.

The service is free! I work by Skype and phone with people around the world. However, there are just times when you want someone in the same room as you. That is very understandable. This is a great way to find such a person near you if you are in the UK.

Please stop by their site, it is lovely. To quote them, “Don’t suffer in silence. Help is available and most importantly it’s available in a simple, easy to find way.”


Yesterday, I picked up a new copy of Prevention Magazine. (The February 2008 edition.) I love to read through them and then leave them in my office waiting room. They often have an article or two that strikes a chord with a client of mine and at times will walk out of the office as a result. This is a great thing, as I encourage my clients to read healthy lifestyle articles on a daily basis, keeping their mind set on health and happiness.

Perusing through the magazine later in the evening, I was delighted to see page 31. Under the heading of Health, there is a snippet that is titled Heal Faster with Hypnosis. The article explains that just 15 minutes of hypnotherapy can reduce the amount of anesthesia needed during surgery and the pain, nausea and fatigue afterward. It sites a study done at the New York City Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

I have worked with clients in a pre-op situation and given them audios to listen to post-op. The results have been phenomenol. They report feeling less apprehensive going into the surgery and not going through the same “let down” after the surgery.

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