positive attitude

Forget the past, watch the present and create the future!

We all have regrets, here are a few quick tips to forgetting yours!

Tampa made a top 10 list, in fact it made it to the number one spot! But, not a list we like to brag about around here. 
Sperling’s BestPlaces, a research firm specializing in livability rankings, has released its new study of major cities with the most and least stress.  The study analyzed a variety of factors associated with stress, including suicide, divorce, crime, joblessness and lengthy commuting. 
With that in mind, I decided to do my part to help reduce the stress. It may not be the cure, but if it even helps change one attitude, I believe the butterfly effect may begin.

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Be sure you have a few minutes to enjoy, uninterrupted. Then please, share with anyone you might know that could use a moment of comfort. 

Working Women Of Florida hosted a conference on September  5th and 6th at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, FL. I was honored to be asked to speak on the subject of fear. Standing on the stage with 400 women present was an awesome experience. (Notice the picture at the top of this page.) The love and energy of this group of women inspired me to keep doing what I love most. I met some pretty amazing ladies, whom I hope to share with for a long time to come.
The presentation included the 5 “A’s” to remember when you desire to overcome fear. Those include:
  • Acknowledge
  • Awfulize
  • Appreciate
  • Ask (Afform)
  • Act
Acknowledge your fear and what it really represents for you. Is there a deeper reason for the fear? For instance, I once experienced a fear of driving that was more about a fear of success than it was about driving. Once I acknowledged that, I was ready to let that go and move forward!
Awfulize those dreaded experiences. In other words, take it to the extreme. That can help you realize that things aren’t going to be quite what you imagine. If in fact they are pretty bad, you might be surprised at the tools and skills you have in place for handling the situation.
Appreciate that in the past those feelings have served a purpose. Once you can accept and honor that, it is time to understand that you have outgrown other old behaviors (i.e. thumb sucking for comfort).  You no longer need these limiting thoughts and beliefs.
Ask questions that will help you. Rather than continuing to ask questions based in negative programming, begin to ask the questions that a changed you might ask. Instead of asking, “what if this went wrong”, imagine asking, “what if this went right”? (More information on questions that work for you can be found in the works of Noah St. John, originator of Afformations.)
Act on your new beliefs and understandings. To decide you have overcome a fear of elevators is great, to ride in one is real victory. Find someone you trust to support you in taking those first steps and celebrate the new you!

Take steps today to begin creating the life free of fear that you desire. Please, let me know your stories. I’d love to share your successes with others.

Definition of quantum in regards to physics:

The smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist
independently, especially a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation.

My son and I were laughing together over the use of the word quantum. We often hear people speak as if it were a huge quantity, yet in physics it is the smallest amount. So we pondered, is a quantum leap really a bunny hop?

Either way, the smallest of shifts can create huge change. Think of the difference 1 degree makes in water, from hot to boiling! I had a friend tell me how a simple 3 foot variance in the engineering of a highway changed whether it went through a skyscraper or a right of way that was already in existence. (Ironically the engineer argued with her knowing this would make a difference of millions of dollars and months of labor, not to mention the number of businesses that would have to relocate!)

What if you made one small change today? What if you decided that no matter what, you would not allow a complaint to pass your lips for 24 hours? What if you could only use words that up lifted the people in your life? Would that change how they react to you? Would it at least change how you feel about yourself?

My husband and I had a 24 hour challenge like this over the weekend. We both noticed how much more we enjoyed one another’s company. We laughed more, traffic improved, store clerks were more efficient. It was crazy, crazy good that is!

May 8th

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Funny how certain dates seem to stick out for an individual. There are obvious dates, such as holidays, birthdays and anniversary’s. Then there are those that over time just seem to become significant. May 8th is one of those for me.

Initially it was the birthday of a friend of mine from way back in high school. Mary’s nickname was Mullet. Not because of hair, this name preceded that awful mutation by years! Mullet was the first person to say to me, “thoughts become things”. She had an amazing upbeat personality and outlook. I learned so much about thinking positive from her. Mullet saw possibilities everywhere, her energy was high and I will forever remember her laugh as she would say “Oh Coppertone, you are so funny!” at something ridiculous I had stated in the moment. I will always carry a piece of Mullet with me through out life. She left an incredible and wonderful mark on me.

May 8th took on a new meaning the year I lived through a storm that flooded out the apartment complex I was living in. I have written about this event before. It was life altering for me. My apartment was on the second floor, above flood level, so many residents took shelter in our home until the rescue boats were able to deliver them to dry land. During this time, I made it my duty to keep everyone in good spirits. I conducted sing a longs. (Many people sang along just to drown out my voice!) We told jokes and became comrades in the storm.

Today is May 8th and again there is an event of significance for me. I have made a friend on the net who is a blogger. His blog BadEvan is raw and sometimes harsh. He views life from a jaded and angry aspect, according to him. There is another side to this young man, but I promised to never publicly tell how I view him. BadEvan is facing major surgery today. He is having a complete colectomy. He has suffered for many years with Sever Ulcerative Colitis, the medications are not effective and this is a dramatic step the doctors feel they must take.

As I am writing this, BadEvan is in the operating room. So, my thoughts and prayers are with him and his surgeon. I ask that you join me in sending positive thoughts and prayers his direction. It is my intent that May 8th take on one more significance, that it becomes the day my friend BadEvan began a new life, healthy and whole. For BadEvan, I see possibilities and opportunities ahead!

I know, I know, it is late in the day for me to be posting my Friday silliness. Mea Culpa. Perhaps you will forgive me when you see the following video.

I have said how important humor is to keep your attitude positive. It is also interesting how attitude can accomplish so much. My buddy, Mark Byrne has managed to combine attitude and humor in this production in such a marvelous way. He uses balloons and his tremendous imagination to create laughter and joy everywhere he goes. Trust me, with Mark around, there is no room for stinking thinking. Mark has won several awards and accolades for his work, yet he is the first to reach out and help others. Mark, thanks for being Bad To The Balloon!

For anyone looking for a fun event, visit his website at:

Did you know that you can release weight through laughter? Really, that’ not a joke. A really good belly laugh, a howl, for fifteen minutes daily will burn up to four extra pounds in a year. Is that enough to win The Biggest Loser? No, but hey, every pound counts. Besides, what better way to help clear out that old stinking thinking!

Children laugh easily and often. It has been said up to 400 times a day. How wonderful is the sound of a child laughing? Yet, as we age, we become serious. Deadly serious. We are lucky to laugh ten times in a day. Funny thing is laughter has so many positive side effects, an actual mind body connection. Our circulation improves as our heart rate quickens, just as in an aerobic workout. Therefore, muscles are worked. Our blood pressure will rise with laughter and then drop below baseline when we finish. Our lungs expand with oxygen and the immune system is boosted. Endorphins (the body’s feel good chemical) are released.

Each morning before my youngest son leaves the house for school, I remind him to find a reason to smile and laugh. When I pick him up after school, he reports to me a funny event of the day. This has taught him to laugh at himself, see the humor in a situation and keep his mind on the positive. It is humbling for me, on the days that I allow life to become too serious. We have great times laughing together, because laughter is contagious.

Laughter is a major tool in our family life. My husband loves to dance with shopping carts in the grocery store, I must admit it has made shopping a whole lot more fun. My oldest will text me through out his day with funny events that happen on campus. I wrote previously about a fun hypnosis experiment I conducted on 97X FM radio. We work daily to keep our positive attitude alive and well.

Imagine burning those extra pounds, improving your health and having fun doing it. Why not start a daily list of reasons to laugh. Begin to record the events that occur through out your day that tickle your funny bone. I wonder how fast that list will grow? How much more you’ll notice the fun in life? Use your imagination during stressful situations to see the event as if it were a comedy or a cartoon. Your boss is yelling, can you see the steam rise out of his collar? Traffic is bad, you can imagine you are riding in the Clampett’s old truck.

Post a reason you have laughed lately. Share with me please, more reasons to laugh. Perhaps it is time for a hypnotic audio on laughter. I better go get started!

Hypnosis may seem magical, but it isn’t magic. Hypnosis is a marvelous tool to use to reach goals, make changes and allow dreams to become realities. That being said, action is still a part of success. (Law Of Attraction) Weight management is a perfect example. Through hypnosis, you may become better about food choices, portion sizes and stopping snacking at night. We can increase your desire to exercise. It is up to you to take responsibility for following through after our session.

I explain all of this by way of sending a huge shout out to a client I will call Ms. E! She has followed through with every suggestion, remaining diligent and has slowly seen progress. She is no where near her goal, yet. She has had physical challenges that are beyond the pale. Still, she hasn’t given up, she just fights harder. Her attitude is positive and determined. In my eyes, she is a star!

Ms. E, you know who you are, I stand in awe of you.