Hypnosis may seem magical, but it isn’t magic. Hypnosis is a marvelous tool to use to reach goals, make changes and allow dreams to become realities. That being said, action is still a part of success. (Law Of Attraction) Weight management is a perfect example. Through hypnosis, you may become better about food choices, portion sizes and stopping snacking at night. We can increase your desire to exercise. It is up to you to take responsibility for following through after our session.

I explain all of this by way of sending a huge shout out to a client I will call Ms. E! She has followed through with every suggestion, remaining diligent and has slowly seen progress. She is no where near her goal, yet. She has had physical challenges that are beyond the pale. Still, she hasn’t given up, she just fights harder. Her attitude is positive and determined. In my eyes, she is a star!

Ms. E, you know who you are, I stand in awe of you.