Often, one of the first things people think of with hypnosis is the phrase, “Look into my eyes”. In fact, it tickles me when someone hears what I do and their first response is to avert their eyes and say something to the effect that they are afraid of eye contact with me. They are afraid of the power they believe I will hold over them. If only that power was true, there would be world peace and my sons would clean their rooms automatically!

There is power in my eyes, however. You see, when I look into my own eyes, deep within, I am amazed at who is looking back at me. This is something I practice often. (This is another one of those daily habits I have included in my list.) All too often, we look at our faces, when brushing teeth or washing, putting on make up or shaving, but we avoid actual eye contact. Perhaps, it is something many people never even think to do. Yet, it is so amazingly powerful.

Try looking deep within your eyes, make eye contact just as you would when meeting a friend and then repeat something positive about yourself aloud. Start by using your name and follow with an affirmation of your value. For instance, if you are a working on shedding those extra pounds, begin with your name and how you deserve to look great and feel healthy. The first time, it may feel a bit silly, but repeat it. Do this daily for a week and you will begin to notice a difference in your perceptions of yourself.

Here is a quote from a recent email sent to me by a client who I suggested try this technique: “Thank you again, I feel like I am on a flying cloud. If this is what looking in the mirror and talking to myself does, I am not stopping!” I have another client who uses the rear view mirror each time she gets into the car to remind herself how calm and confident she is on her way to a sales call. She has commented how much easier her commute has become from home to office and from office to customer. So, if you notice someone in the car at the stoplight next to you who seems to be holding a conversation with themselves in the rear view mirror, remember, they may just be creating a safer traffic flow for you too!

I guess to sum this up: The eyes have it!