I found this article online : Speed Healing: The Road To Rapid Recovery

The article begins by explaining that when animals are sick or injured, they slink off to the comfort of their nest or lair until they’re all better. You usually have to make breakfast, show up at work, and retrieve the dry cleaning — no matter how you feel. Getting better is just one more entry on your checklist of things to do.

Fortunately, researchers have identified steps you can take immediately to bounce back faster.
Listed amongst them is hypnosis. You see, hypnosis may accelerate recovery from serious injuries and surgeries. A Harvard Medical School study showed that the fractured bones of patients who received regular hypnotherapy were fusing at an advanced rate — 6 weeks after the break, their bones appeared to have been healing for 8-1/2 weeks. A separate Harvard study also found that the incision wounds of women who were hypnotized before and after breast-reduction surgery healed more quickly. The hypnotized women also had less pain.