“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

Edward Stanley
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

It is interesting how many people come to see me for weight management and when the time comes to discuss exercise, they become adament that they don’t/won’t exercise. Either they don’t like to sweat or they don’t have time. Truth be told, there will never be the right time. You may be waiting for things to calm down but, life is busy, things happen. Your job, family obligations, social networking are going to continue. When you exercise, you can do it all with a clearer more focused mind. Exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment. You have to admit, it sure feels good when you finish to say you are a person who follows through on a commitment.

So, start small. Walk the dog, take the stairs instead of the elevator and give yourself a goal of 15 minutes a day just for exercise. Play golf, ride your bike, join the kids at the park. The more you succeed, the more you teach your brain to find pleasure in exercise and a powerful feeling of success.

The beauty of hypnosis sessions for exercise increase is that we get past all the excuses the client can create. We find the real block to exercise and remove it, release it, get rid of it! Then we get to a place where the individual creates a real genuine desire for those powerful feelings generated in you after your best work out ever!