It’s that time of year when the holidays keep us busier than usual with the shopping, crafting, cooking, parties, and a huge array of activities geared to remind us about friends and family. While it may all be good, it is easy for us to forget our goals and intentions for creating good health. I have created and used this Healthy Holiday Contract with my clients as a reminder to stay healthy. Anything signed will become more a part of our commitments. So, please, print this out and sign it. Put it somewhere you will see it often and read it regularly!

Healthy Holiday Contract

I,__________________, being of clear mind and with a sincere commitment to remaining on a healthy path and releasing the negative thoughts I have allowed into my mind, do hereby declare I will take steps to create healthy new habits. These new habits include giving my body nutritious fuel to run on, increased movement to strengthen myself and acceptance of who I am.

1. I commit to praising myself for the positive changes I make, and releasing “mistakes” and “negative behaviors” from the past. I accept that I am human and thereby, by nature will on occasion be less than perfect.

2. I commit to planning before a party. I will decide what I am gong to allow myself to indulge in and then stick to that plan.

3. I commit to eating a cup of soup or vegetable juice before arriving at a big event in order to help keep in charge of my own actions.

4. I commit to including movement and stretching in each and every day. I know that nice brisk walks with loved ones can be a way of enjoying their company in the holiday season.

5. I commit to balance in my life. I release the need for stress as a guide to my importance. I take time to breathe deeply and enjoy the season.

6. I commit to taking time with each bite, enjoying the flavors and the textures of the food I eat. I will savor the moment.

7. I understand that calories from alcohol tend to be stored in the abdomen. People who are overweight actually gain weight more easily when they consume alcohol, so I will remain aware of my alcohol intake.

8. I will practice safe behaviors when driving and when shopping at night.

My signature on this Healthy Holiday Contract signifies my commitment to maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit through out the holdiay season.


Signed: __________________________ Date: _____________


Witness:__________________________ Date: _____________