It is amazing how wonderful young people today are. In my experience, the young people of today have been exposed to so much. They have always lived in a fast paced world, with microwave moments and sound byte communications. The expectations academically seem to be more and more accelerated with every year. The internet has allowed for social interaction beyond the neighborhood or even the local community.

What I observe is that so many young people use this expansion and opportunity to create a more powerful future for not just themselves, but for the world as they perceive it. They volunteer in astounding numbers. Young people save lives through fundraising efforts. They chanage the course of the lives of individuals and communities. For instance young Talia Leman. Talia is the founder and CEO of her own non profit organization, Random Kid. RandomKid takes the ideas of the kids for a better tomorrow seriously and helps to make them a reality. RandomKid empowers children to solve real-world problems. Talia has realized that everyone is significant and possesses the power to make a difference in the life of another.

In my office, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with amazing young people. Olympic hopefuls, actors auditioning for Broadway, equestrians and many others. It is a joy to see these young people who are so full of promise and enthusiasm harness the power of their mind and bodies to become the superstars they were meant to be.