Time for the fifth annual celebration of World Hypnotism Day. Tomorrow, January 4th is the official day, however, my event is being held today. As I have traditionally done in the past, I am holding my event at Oak Trail Books. We will be addressing how to Recession Proof Your Mind.

This event is a great chance for the world to see how safe, natural and life improving the practice of regular self-hypnosis is. It is amazing how our bodies are built to help us, if we just pay attention. Deep breathing, helps us to relax, think clearly and even lower our blood pressure. Exercise releases endorphins, those feel good chemicals. Visualization sets the mind on the road to success.

I must keep this short, as I am off to Oak Trail Books. Here are some links to interviews I did on television (local CBS affiliate, 10Connects) This was fun, I was asked to put two different producers under on the air! The St. Petersburg Times reporter wrote a lovely article as well.

If you are local, please stop by, this promises to be a fun event. if not, check out http://www.worldhypnotismday.com/ for an event near you.