Does this sound familiar?

On the day of your exam, you wake up feeling so confident because you have been diligent in your studies and you know all of the material. When you arrive at the exam center (or classroom) you smile, because you know this is the opportunity to show off your knowledge, show how well you have retained all the information needed to pass? The testing begins and you go through the questions with ease, finish up in a timely manner and hand in your test. When the results come back you aced the exam, let the celebration begin!

Or is this what happens?

After pulling an all-nighter trying to get the last of the information memorized and a restless night of sleep you dread what you know is coming next.  You arrive to the classroom and sit down and then the test papers are handed out. You realize that you have forgotten it all. When you finally turn your test in and it is only half-finished or worse, suddenly the material comes flooding back to your memory. Even if you answered every question, you know they were the wrong answers.  You knew the information before the test, you know it now, but during the exam, one big blank panic occurred.

If it is the second scenario, then you like so many people may suffer from overwhelm or test anxiety*.

Maybe the symptom was as mild as “butterflies” in the stomach or maybe it was more severe, leaving you paralyzed in fear. No matter where the anxiety rates on the scale, it causes students to not perform as well on exams as they are truly capable of doing.

Hypnosis can help you overcome this block to your success. I have worked with many people who were preparing for a professional exam and the pressure was causing them to become unable to think or recall the information they knew so well. One such individual called me very excited after his exam to let me know he had passed and would be able to start his new career. I had to remind him to call his wife and let her know the good news!  I have also gone into classrooms and worked with the whole class before a test. The instructors have repeatedly said the class average score went up significantly.

In hypnosis I work with test taking skills and performance, adding a confidence booster. We improve your ability to recall anything you read, heard or studied related to the test and eliminate any blocks that might cause you to blank out during the exam.

So, if this is the year that you have decided to make a career change and need to pass that exam, give me a call. If you are a student who needs help with test stress for improved grades or to pass those college entrance exams, consider hypnosis. You just might find it to be the answer you have been searching for.

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*Although it is commonly referred to as test anxiety, I do not diagnose nor prescribe.