I was asked to appear on Tampabay’s 10 news at 4:00 yesterday, to discuss the blog I posted on emotional eating. Afterwords, I went into an internet chat room provided by the station to continue the discussion. It was a great experience for me. If you want to view the video of the interview, click here: Marty Matthews and Debbie Lane Chat.

I have had the great fortune of working with a local doctor who specializes in weight management. This is his description of what he does: The journey of change starts with an acknowledgment and appreciation of where one is, and a vision of what one desires. My program will provide you with the guidance, support and tools necessary to help you succeed in your life’s journey to a healthier and thinner you….and in the end, help you achieve a new perspective in thought where food is enjoyed and balanced with a healthy lifestyle. ~ Cesar A. Lara, MD

Next, I have created another little video to help me keep my focus on being healthy and in shape. I hope you enjoy it!