Beware of the hungry hypnotist. You may have met him or her. The one who tells you that you can only make changes through their guidance, they claim that only through loyalty to them will you be successful. Some have even been known to make such suggestions while conducting trance work, performing what is known as a hypnotic block.
Post hypnotic suggestions such as this are highly unethical and usually not terribly effective. Still, do you want to work with someone who is so controlling? I have heard stories from clients of a local hypnotist who works in weight management. He begins by telling the individuals that they will only succeed if they do everything he tells them to, the emphasis on the everything. He apparently uses some intimidation tactics as a convincer. UGH! The smart ones leave his office quickly.
Recently on reddit of all places I came across a hypnotist asking how to keep his clients faithful to only him. He likened it to a romantic relationship where he has been cheated on. His words: “The reason I got to this point of thinking is in my trying to find an explanation to why my highly conditioned subjects would become slaves to random stranger on the internet, when they had little interest in that. They go into trance. With some random stranger. “
He wanted help making his block stronger. He was not concerned about his clients becoming slaves to others, as he had no evidence of any such thing ever occurring. As I hoped, other professionals saw this as I did, WRONG! Suggestions were made that he work on his issues of control and fear. He sent me a personal missive, attempting to justify his behavior. I stand by my original belief that he has crossed a line.
I post this as a reminder that you, dear reader, are a consumer. It is up to you to be sure you have rapport with the hypnotist you work with. Be willing to walk away if you feel the hypnotherapist doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Ask questions. Find out who they refer to or if they believe they are the answer to all things for all people. I feel the same way about doctors, lawyers or any other professional who you are dealing with. If it doesn’t fit, don’t try to force it. I have given potential clients the names of another individual whom I trust, if I felt we wouldn’t be a good fit. May I never be so hungry that I would throw another person’s life away in such a fashion. May I never be so jealous that only I can own another, regardless of the relationship.

Wisdom Hypnosis has been around since 2002, when Debbie Lane got certified in hypnosis. Debbie Lane is well known in this part of FL, for her charitable work and working with weight maintenance clients. She is also nationally known as the hypnotist who quieted the hiccups of the hiccup-girl.

Hypnosis is a valuable tool that helps people to make positive changes and eliminate undesirable behaviors. Since Hypnosis is a natural state, there are no bad side effects. Debbie Lane asserts, “Hypnosis is good for you, smoking is not.” Because so many people need the services of an experienced certified hypnotist, Wisdom Hypnosis is expanding. Now more people who wish to expand their horizons can overcome former limitations. Wisdom hypnosis has added another hypnotist to their staff and is now open on Saturday mornings to better serve the needs of the community. Debbie and her staff are available every day except Wednesday and Sunday. See www.wisdomhypnosis.com for more information.

Hypnosis has made the headlines again. The people want to know if it is safe. Well, Palm Harbor hypnotherapist Debbie Lane is giving a hypnosis seminar on Wednesday, May 25th, at 7:00 p.m. It will be a two hour session that will explain all about hypnosis. After finally putting the myths to bed, Debbie will lead a group hypnosis that will help smokers quit. 
The event will be hosted by the Tarpon Springs Elks, 1719.  The Elks Lodge is located at 237 S Pinellas Ave, Tarpon Springs.  The suggested donation is only $55.00 and 100% of the proceeds from the door will be donated to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. Team Rose Buds will be present to help ensure all smokers are comfortable and ready to quit. Team Rose Buds will be walking for the 3 day, 60 miles.

Lane states, “I have a very high success rate with smokers quitting through my sessions. My clients often call me after they have tried every other method and are feeling like a failure.” Lane continues, “Hypnosis is used widely by licensed medical professionals and also is emerging as a recognized distinct profession with a rigorous code of ethics.  She promises that no one will replace smoking with quacking like a duck, although they may experience the best night’s sleep they have had in a very long time. Lane will explain in depth what hypnosis is and what it is not.

Anyone interested in attending the event should contact Lane as seating is limited.  She can be reached at 727-781-8483
This wonderful lady has visited with me twice. Her son gave her the gift of two visits for Christmas. She was skeptical and it took until May for her to decide to come in. Now she is returning for more sessions and wants friends and family to come in.

We will follow her progress and post again!

A year later and still sending me new clients!

OK, so I need to do some self hypnosis to be sure I am more efficient when posting notices. New goal for 2010.

Anyway, the talk and free session I will be giving is on
Sunday, January 03, 2010 at 12 noon.
It will be held at Oak Trail Books, 1219 Florida Avenue, Old Downtown Palm Harbor.

Oak Trail Books Phone number is (727) 785-1960.

Also, this will be my first talk of the new year and the new decade. Can you believe it? A whole new decade.

Blessings to one and all for 2010. Happy New Year!

I received a lovely note from a directory group in the UK. Unfortunately, my lack of savvy when it comes to all things technical prevented me from a simple cut and paste of their article. I am way too preoccupied with the Prodigal Son’s imminent return to retype the whole thing.

What I will share is that this group offers folks looking to find a hypnotherapist near them a list of qualified individuals whose credentials have been verified. They post their location, what areas the hypnotist deals with, their training and their fees. They also have many articles written by hypnotherapists regarding any number of issues.

The service is free! I work by Skype and phone with people around the world. However, there are just times when you want someone in the same room as you. That is very understandable. This is a great way to find such a person near you if you are in the UK.

Please stop by their site, it is lovely. To quote them, “Don’t suffer in silence. Help is available and most importantly it’s available in a simple, easy to find way.”


Wednesday evening I decided to go to a local comedy club for some hypnosis. I had heard that a traveling hypnotist was going to be there, to put on a show. How could I resist? I sent this gentleman a note on one of the online boards for hypnosis mentioning that he was going to be in my neck of the woods and I would love to see him. When I didn’t hear back, I figured he was busy with the show and probably didn’t even see the comment. Besides, I am sure I am not the only hypnotist to watch his shows.

So, I set off for the event with my dear, long time friend and webmaster Dona. Did I mention that she is a very dear friend and very loyal, too? (This becomes important soon.) Thinking I am flying under the radar, we arrive at the club (Coconuts) and the owners know me. They know me not as a hypnotist, but rather from my teaching days, so they were pleased to have their daughter’s former teacher visiting. I settled in, incognito as the former teacher, happy as a clam.

When the show began, there was the usual call for volunteers. This particular crowd was going to be a tough sell. So, with the encouragement of my very dear (and loyal) friend, I went up on stage to volunteer. After all, I love hypnosis and I know it is safe, fun and natural. When Patty McGee began his induction, I went down like a brick. Oh yea, I love this feeling and my shoulders were feeling better already.

The fun began. Patty McGee had me convinced I was on a trip into outer space. I was so excited. I love flying of any sort, planes, jets, hot air balloons, so why not a rocket? There I was floating, weightless, in space. Oh my, that felt good.

He did ask me to eat jello that was floating around. Poor guy didn’t know that I HATE jello. You see, I had ponies growing up. My father told me that jello was made from the hooves. Well, if you have ever cleaned a horse or pony hoof before shoeing, you know that jello could never be appealing again. Not to mention, in later years I realized the hoof wasn’t just the shavings. But, I digress.

The time progressed (I’m really not sure how long) and I had a blast. Upon my return to planet earth I showed everyone how Martians dance. Apparently it was quite impressive and this is where I know that if film of this ever shows up anywhere, my dear and loyal friend Dona will make sure it is eliminated and not posted on my site.

A few more tricks and it was time to emerge. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show. After the show, when I was leaving, Patty told me he knew who I was. He was very gracious about my attending his show. I believe he will do very well on the circuit and he will represent hypnosis proudly.

There are those in the hypnosis profession who practice in an office that don’t approve of stage hypnosis. They feel that it gives our chosen vocation a black eye. I disagree. When done properly it is a great tool for educating the public while having a rollicking good time. Patty McGee is very professional. He has a baby face that you want to trust and he is true to his word. He did not ask me to do anything that I would be ashamed of. (Although I am not so sure I am proud of the dance, simply because I was once asked to leave dance classes as a child and haven’t improved much since!)

Did I mention that Dona is a very dear and loyal friend?

It was a fabulous weekend. The temperature dropped and it is nice and crisp out when I walk. I love that! This week promises to be fun and exciting for me.

On Wednesday, I am giving presentations to the Palm Harbor University High School, for the Great American Teach In . They have informed me that I will be in the main auditorium, presenting all but one period. I expect to see every student in the school! As the very next day is the Great American Smoke Out, I have to work that message into my talk.

(AS a side note: I am offering discounted sessions this week for smoke cessation. Time to quit!)

On Thursday, I am speaking for a group called Working Women Of Tampa Bay. It is a girls night out/networking event. I will address how to survive and enjoy the holidays.

On Friday morning I am speaking to a group of students at East Lake High School about hypnosis. The young lady who called and invited me said, “the kids are excited to meet a real hypnotist”. Wait until they find out I am just an ordinary person, a mom like they have at home, even. Hopefully, I will bring them laughter with learning.

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