Beware of the hungry hypnotist. You may have met him or her. The one who tells you that you can only make changes through their guidance, they claim that only through loyalty to them will you be successful. Some have even been known to make such suggestions while conducting trance work, performing what is known as a hypnotic block.
Post hypnotic suggestions such as this are highly unethical and usually not terribly effective. Still, do you want to work with someone who is so controlling? I have heard stories from clients of a local hypnotist who works in weight management. He begins by telling the individuals that they will only succeed if they do everything he tells them to, the emphasis on the everything. He apparently uses some intimidation tactics as a convincer. UGH! The smart ones leave his office quickly.
Recently on reddit of all places I came across a hypnotist asking how to keep his clients faithful to only him. He likened it to a romantic relationship where he has been cheated on. His words: “The reason I got to this point of thinking is in my trying to find an explanation to why my highly conditioned subjects would become slaves to random stranger on the internet, when they had little interest in that. They go into trance. With some random stranger. “
He wanted help making his block stronger. He was not concerned about his clients becoming slaves to others, as he had no evidence of any such thing ever occurring. As I hoped, other professionals saw this as I did, WRONG! Suggestions were made that he work on his issues of control and fear. He sent me a personal missive, attempting to justify his behavior. I stand by my original belief that he has crossed a line.
I post this as a reminder that you, dear reader, are a consumer. It is up to you to be sure you have rapport with the hypnotist you work with. Be willing to walk away if you feel the hypnotherapist doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Ask questions. Find out who they refer to or if they believe they are the answer to all things for all people. I feel the same way about doctors, lawyers or any other professional who you are dealing with. If it doesn’t fit, don’t try to force it. I have given potential clients the names of another individual whom I trust, if I felt we wouldn’t be a good fit. May I never be so hungry that I would throw another person’s life away in such a fashion. May I never be so jealous that only I can own another, regardless of the relationship.