“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”` Rudyard Kipling


This week, sponsored by the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors, celebrates words and their importance.
We grew up believing the children’s rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Yet, at some point, you realized that was completely untrue and that words could hurt. Words can change our relationships, our demeanor, our entire system of beliefs, and even our businesses. Words have a dramatic effect on what we know, how we interact with people and the decisions we ultimately make. Words can influence us, inspire us or just as easily bring us to tears.
As we grow up, the words we hear from parents, coaches, teachers and authority figures help to shape our beliefs in ourselves. We begin an inner dialogue that can be incredibly supportive (I am smart enough to figure this out) or terribly discouraging (I always screw things up!).  Our self-talk can be terribly sabotaging when we are working towards a goal. For example, when you tell yourself that you will gain weight by even looking at a donut, the subconscious mind is a willing participant. It will begin the process of holding on to fat whenever you look at a donut.


When we begin to recognize this, we can shift our thinking and our words. “I have the strength to keep running until I reach my goal”. Think about the story of The Little Engine That Could. The opening sentence is, “She was a happy little train.” The familiar refrain from the story is “I think I can, I think I can” as she chugged up the steep hill. Indeed, she did! 
Are you replaying old tapes in your head of all the reasons, excuses you will fall short? Are your words setting you up for failure? What if you began to think you can? How might you be different? What would change in your attitude, in your behavior and in your words?

Love Stinks

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Valentine’s day, the most romantic day of the year. Yeah, right;

Love stinks!

“You love her
But she loves him
And he loves somebody else
You just can’t win

One thing for sure
Love stinks!”

Maybe you remember the J. Geils Band?

If you believe love stinks, love hurts, there aren’t any good ones out there anymore, anyway;perhaps it isn’t what’s out there that is the problem. Maybe, just maybe, you have stinking thinking. If that is so, then STOP IT right now. You can look around to blame all you want, but that isn’t going to help you find someone to cozy up with. (Unless you really do want to spend all your nights with a puppy or a kitty!)

Your barrier to true love is in your mind—your subconscious mind. Change your mind, and you can—and will—attract your true love.

The truth is, our brains are hard wired to go to the negative. We tend to regress to the familiar, we want to prove our beliefs over and over. So, if past experience has told us that we are doomed to fail in relationships or we only attract losers, we will continually look for the proof. Everything can be “perfect”, but one small miss step and the mind latches on to that and says’ “Ah Ha! See, you are headed down the path of doom again!” Then the downward spiral begins.

An effective way of changing your thoughts is to make eye contact with yourself. Sounds silly? It works. Daily, look into your eyes, not just at your face in the mirror. Give yourself that positive feedback you would love to hear from a loved one. Smile. Your subconscious hears you when you do this.

Next, as you are falling asleep at night, you go through Theta brainwaves. So, focus on the emotions you want to feel. Picture yourself in love. Not with a specific target, but just imagine how love would look if it were a part of your life. Feel those wonderful feelings of pleasure and happiness. Imagine the places you would go, the things you would do.

Finally, use humor to ward off negative thoughts, rewire those synapses. Instead of thinking what a jerk your last lover was, imagine him/her as a cartoon like character. See the humor in what they are. Imagine yourself riding into the sunset with Prince Charming or Princess Dreamy.

Last night I went to St Petersburg College right before exams were scheduled to begin. It was an opportunity to help out test stressed students. Prior to this, the students were sent an email with study hints and asked to visit my website video that explains what hypnosis is and is not. After a very brief explanation of hypnosis, I was able to take the students into a relaxed state of trance and review with them how they had all the information stored in their fabulous subconscious minds.

We reviewed the previous semester, revisiting the time line of classes and the information that they had learned. Next, they were given a physical anchor (simply pressing the thumb and index finger together and taking a deep breath) at each part of the time line they visited. They were told that repeating this during the test would enable them to recall the information as needed. The students were reminded that this was an opportunity to show off their knowledge and so they took those butterflies in their stomach and used them as feelings of excited anticipation.

Finally, we moved into the future, picturing and imagining the test paper results. They felt the pride and joy at having achieved such great grades. They realized that this was the beginning of many opportunities life would present them. They returned feeling strong, empowered and ready to succeed.

I have already received feedback from a professor who is thrilled with the results. Better grades than she had expected from her class. Is life great, or what?!

Tonight I am working with a local weight management doctor. He is a fabulous man, very dedicated to the success of his patients. The holidays present special challenges for people who are shedding those excess pounds. So, we are going to discuss holiday stresses and events. I will guide the group through a buffet filled with food, creating a desire to enjoy small quantities of healthy foods, a simple taste of one special treat and the amazing awareness of being in control!

If you are local, I would love to meet you there. So, for more information, please check out Dr. Cesar Lara’s website at: Dr. Cesar A. Lara M.D.

The Phantom of the Opera is an all time favorite of mine. Whenever the show is on tour around here, I do my best to see it. I have the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical cd, that blares in my car as obnoxiously as a teen listening to their music. I have seen the 1925 silent film (presented at a beautiful theater complete with an organist who rises from below the stage like magic) and the Lon Chaney version as well. (I posted this earlier without giving credit as well to the more recent film that included a home town boy Patrick Wilson as Raoul!)

So much can be said about the subconscious mind and the labyrinth where the Phantom lives. The fear of being discovered, the fear of the unknown all represented here. I could go on and on about Freudian mother/father, life/death issues and the politics of the period that Gaston Leroux wrote the original novel.

But alas, this is Friday and I just want to entertain you. So enjoy these moments of fear!

I have a wonderful client who has had a dream for some time. Hers has been a dream of stepping outside the box, combining her knowledge of medicine and other healing modalities and her creative nature to birth a new business. She is by “day” a very serious, very accomplished nurse. Her creative side included seeing through the eyes of a lense into the healing power of nature. She has used the power of hypnosis and her subconsiocus to realize this dream.

When I first met with her, this business was only a dream. In fact, when I first met her, she was almost afraid to speak this dream. Since then, she has visualized her desires. She has spoken those desires. Her thoughts have become things and she has taken action. How powerful in the Law Of Attraction it is to take action, yet how seldom that is mentioned.

Well, this incredible woman has taken action. I am pleased and proud to link to her site, Divine Moments Captured. She gives the glory to God, she see’s the beauty in His creation and her ability to capture it has mesmerized my most critical artistic friends. Please, stop and take a moment to visit: Divine Moments Captured

I must add, the genius behind her website is the same genius behind mine. I guess there a times when I just feel blessed! She has promised to attend my World Hypnotism day seminar at Oak Trail Books, if you want to meet this incredible person! (I hope that was okay to share, Cindy!)

I went to a movie with friends Friday night. The movie is called Into Great Silence. It is a documentary about life in a monastery where the monks have taken a vow of silence. There is no dialogue (remember the vow), no soundtrack, no drama, no romance, not much of anything but monks and their chores. The movie lasted 3 hours! By the end of it, my end was sore.

It was interesting to me to observe the people in the theater. The silence seemed difficult, somehow. I heard people commenting to one another or themselves, clearing throats, sighing, etc. This is often true in communication. Sometimes, when a client comes into my office for a desired change, the change they request is not the one they really desire. I allow them to talk. If I don’t respond with a comment right away, they will continue to speak. For them, the silence must be filled! It is in these moments that I learn the true nature of their visit, their true desire.

During the hypnotic portion of the session, I enjoy creating silence, long pauses, which can be filled by a powerful subconscious mind with visions and experiences of acquiring that new habit, goal or desired behavior. It is in these moments that I can practically see what they are creating by the changes that occur in their face, breathing or body position. It is a thrill to see them reach a resolve or a level of commitment to themselves in the silence.

I think Seneca said it best, “It is a great thing to know the season for speech and the season for silence.”