I have a wonderful client who has had a dream for some time. Hers has been a dream of stepping outside the box, combining her knowledge of medicine and other healing modalities and her creative nature to birth a new business. She is by “day” a very serious, very accomplished nurse. Her creative side included seeing through the eyes of a lense into the healing power of nature. She has used the power of hypnosis and her subconsiocus to realize this dream.

When I first met with her, this business was only a dream. In fact, when I first met her, she was almost afraid to speak this dream. Since then, she has visualized her desires. She has spoken those desires. Her thoughts have become things and she has taken action. How powerful in the Law Of Attraction it is to take action, yet how seldom that is mentioned.

Well, this incredible woman has taken action. I am pleased and proud to link to her site, Divine Moments Captured. She gives the glory to God, she see’s the beauty in His creation and her ability to capture it has mesmerized my most critical artistic friends. Please, stop and take a moment to visit: Divine Moments Captured

I must add, the genius behind her website is the same genius behind mine. I guess there a times when I just feel blessed! She has promised to attend my World Hypnotism day seminar at Oak Trail Books, if you want to meet this incredible person! (I hope that was okay to share, Cindy!)