If Valentines Day is so happy, why do one in four Americans refuse to celebrate it? And why do 15% of American women (and some men) send flowers to themselves?

Obviously, we haven’t all found our true love. But it isn’t for lack of trying. We gamely go to singles events. We cross our fingers and register online. We hound friends for introductions. We even hang out in bars. But six months or six years later, we still sigh when Elvis asks, “Are you lonesome tonight?”

Remember the guy in Love Potion #9 who was a “flop with chicks?” Well he almost got it right. But instead of going to Madame Rue for something to drink, he should have come to Wisdom Hypnosis for something to think. Everyone knows hypnosis is effective for smoke cessation and weight management; but did you know that hypnosis can help you define and attract that special someone who matches your requirements—exactly. (Don’t believe me? Wait till you meet Exhibit A.)

Join me February 13th and 20th for The Real Love Potion #9. Through wisdom hypnosis, total relaxation, and deep writing, you will:

· measure and build self esteem
· determine where you’re stuck on the map of heartbreak
· learn how to get unstuck
· release the mistakes of the past
· thoroughly describe Mr. or Ms. Right
· prepare to love and be loved
· start attracting the right person into your life

These 2 evenings are all about love, so we have to meet at the charming and historic White Chapel in downtown Palm Harbor . Yes, it’s true. “We’re goin’ to the chapel.”

The Real
Love Potion #9
Palm Harbor White Chapel
1190 Georgia Avenue, Palm Harbor , FL
Wednesday, February 13 & 20
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

(for more details, as soon as my web lady can get the link up!)

(727) 781-8483