What glorious weather we had here this weekend. The kind that inspires movement and for me, cleaning. Apparently, it inspired many I know to do the same. It seems as though it was a weekend for eliminating clutter. Clutter that surrounds us, can also take up space in our heads and on our bodies.

There are many people who become overwhelmed with clutter, leading to hoarding. They have a fear of letting things go. You never know when you might “need” that item. So the piles begin and grow out of control. When clutter takes over the home, these same folks often isolate themselves.

Some common characteristics of cluttered people are:

* Highly creative, with a superior intelligence.

* Compulsive spending/shopping.

* Fear and inability to discard items.

* Time management issues. Procrastination is very common.

* Money management problems.

* Tendency to be heavy recyclers.

* Having a chronic illness/disability or being a caretaker for someone with a chronic illness.

* OCD and ADD may also be present.

People with clutter and hoarding issues have frequent feelings and thoughts of depression. Perfectionism is often present, although they are unaware of it. “How can I be a perfectionist they ask me, if I am living like this? I explain that their high desire for perfectionism can result in them being overwhelmed by not having the time to do it “right”. They then experience an emotional paralysis. This leads to negative self-talk, embarrassment, a low self-esteem, and other debilitating emotions.

I work with these individuals through hypnosis to change their behaviors and habits, one baby step at a time. Make small changes rather than trying to fix the mess all at once. We also work on improving self esteem and allowing them to see themselves as safe in the world. It is time to throw away old judgemental beliefs about themselves and move into freedom.

For some, I find they need physical assistance as well. I refer them to a great company Professional Organizing Services. They are nonjudgmental and they get in and help do the heavy lifting!

Interestingly, as the clutter around them disappears, often, so does the clutter on the body. They also find they are more organized in thought as well.

For me, it is time to drop off bags of unwanted items at the Goodwill truck, parked in the Walmart parking lot. They make it so easy to donate!