I have made an online friend with the adorable Rachel of The Baked Blogger. Rachel blogs about her baking, her family and life in general. Whether or not we agree, she is as sweet as the recipes she shares.

Unfortunately, Rachel tagged me with yet another of those meme games. I swore I would never do another, so I guess my swearing doesn’t mean much at this moment. Let this serve as a warning, however, to any and all others, I will not participate ever again!

In this particular game, I am expected to list 7 facts about myself that make me useful? What, like a cup or a monkey wrench? That is a tough one for me. Maybe if I compare myself to useful items in my life I will be able to come up with seven things.

1. A cup: you fill a cup with a liquid to hold it as you drink from it as needed. I am willing to be filled with your thoughts and dreams prior to a hypnosis session, then you slowly will drain back as needed. (Ugh, already this is sounding corny.)

2. A shoe: shoes provide protection for your feet as you walk on your journey, as well as often building your self esteem and identity. Hopefully, I provide a safe space for you on your journey, while you begin to become aware of your value and uniqueness.

3. A watch: watches keep you aware of the passing of time. It is my goal to help you enjoy the moments as they pass, noticing the joys in each one.

4. A cell phone: a way to communicate with others, no matter where you are or they are. It is my hope that through our sessions, you improve the internal dialogue you have, thus improving your interactions with everyone you encounter.

5. A hacky sack: no, I am not the universal hacky sack for everyone to kick and toss. However, when you play with a hacky sack, often you release energy and develop coordination, through focus. I allow people to vent and release, then help them become more focused on achieving their goals, leaving the mundane garbage behind.

6. A pen: pens are used to journal, to sign documents, to leave a mark behind. In hypnosis you are able to go into a brain wave pattern that allows for creative thought and answers. If you follow a hypnosis session with journaling, amazing stuff ends up on the page! Stuff that may help you create your signature or mark!

7. The delete key: Imagine taking old beliefs about yourself that limited you in some way and just plain hitting delete. That is what often occurs in a hypnosis session.

Ok, I played along. I am not sure this was exactly what Rachel meant, not what you, my loyal friends hoped to find here today. It is what it is. Next blog, back to hypnotic thoughts.