Beware of the hungry hypnotist. You may have met him or her. The one who tells you that you can only make changes through their guidance, they claim that only through loyalty to them will you be successful. Some have even been known to make such suggestions while conducting trance work, performing what is known as a hypnotic block.
Post hypnotic suggestions such as this are highly unethical and usually not terribly effective. Still, do you want to work with someone who is so controlling? I have heard stories from clients of a local hypnotist who works in weight management. He begins by telling the individuals that they will only succeed if they do everything he tells them to, the emphasis on the everything. He apparently uses some intimidation tactics as a convincer. UGH! The smart ones leave his office quickly.
Recently on reddit of all places I came across a hypnotist asking how to keep his clients faithful to only him. He likened it to a romantic relationship where he has been cheated on. His words: “The reason I got to this point of thinking is in my trying to find an explanation to why my highly conditioned subjects would become slaves to random stranger on the internet, when they had little interest in that. They go into trance. With some random stranger. “
He wanted help making his block stronger. He was not concerned about his clients becoming slaves to others, as he had no evidence of any such thing ever occurring. As I hoped, other professionals saw this as I did, WRONG! Suggestions were made that he work on his issues of control and fear. He sent me a personal missive, attempting to justify his behavior. I stand by my original belief that he has crossed a line.
I post this as a reminder that you, dear reader, are a consumer. It is up to you to be sure you have rapport with the hypnotist you work with. Be willing to walk away if you feel the hypnotherapist doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Ask questions. Find out who they refer to or if they believe they are the answer to all things for all people. I feel the same way about doctors, lawyers or any other professional who you are dealing with. If it doesn’t fit, don’t try to force it. I have given potential clients the names of another individual whom I trust, if I felt we wouldn’t be a good fit. May I never be so hungry that I would throw another person’s life away in such a fashion. May I never be so jealous that only I can own another, regardless of the relationship.

I know it is a bit late for Easter, unless of course you celebrate Greek Easter. I managed to post this on facebook and left my blog out. Mea culpa. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this, it is brief and relaxing.

In hypnosis, we harken back to Friedrich Anton Mesmer,a German physician and astrologist, who invented what he called magnétisme animal (animal magnetism),a presumed intangible or mysterious force that is said to influence human beings. The term was used to explain the hypnotic procedure that he used in the treatment of patients. Mesmer believed that it was an occult force or invisible fluid emanating from his body and that, more generally, the force permeated the universe, deriving especially from the stars.

Hypnosis has come a long way since then. Still, there are those who enjoy exploring man’s ability to mesmerize animals. Not a part of my practice, but still this is fun to watch!

Last Saturday I was scheduled to give a 2 hour talk on making your mind recession proof. This was a free talk I was giving in honor of World Hypnotism Day. It was held at Oak Trail Books, a lovely book store that hosts this event annually for me.

Press releases were sent out in advance and the result was amazing. I am still receiving calls from folks who saw articles written about the event in newspapers and periodicals I was unaware of. Our local CBS affiliate had me on in the morning show, at 5:45 a.m. and 6:45a.m.! (That was a testimony to my dedication to hypnosis, trust me. I drove an hour to be there, getting me out of bed at 3:20 a.m. I believe my son was just going to bed as I was waking up.) The interviews were fun, I was given the opportunity to put two different producers into trance, live on the air.

The phone at the store rang off the hook. There were so many people calling to say they would attend, we decided to break the hour into two one hour segments. That way, more could attend comfortably, we figured. The building was filled to capacity. The second event, we moved outside to a lovely garden area the store has, it was full. I ended up giving a third talk on Sunday, so those who could not fit into the first two were able to attend.

At the end of each talk, I did a short hypnotic journey. Reminding people of times they felt happy, safe and content. I asked that they make the memory as real as possible, recalling familiar smells, sounds and images. We intensified the memory as if we were creating a movie in our minds. When the moment of contentment arrived, we placed our index finger and thumb together to make a physical anchor for that moment. Breathing it in and feeling our contentment, we felt our fingers. We repeated this process 3 times. Now, the simple memory of that moment, touching the fingers together and a deep breath will help us handle any situation life may hand us with calm grace.

For me, the pleasure was seeing so many people walk away with some new idea that they could use in their own life to better their thoughts. I tried to fit as much into each hour as I could. Perhaps my favorite suggestion for one and all is to look up. That’s right, look up. You see, when we look up as we discuss a concern, the emotion drains and we can get into fact finding and solution creating. Think about it this way, when we pray, we look up to the heavens. When we feel optimistic we say, “things are looking up”. Where does a person who is depressed look?

So my friends, look up! Speak your concerns while looking up, then breathe deep and close your eyes. Allow your eyes to relax and begin to imagine a future moment where the concern is behind you. You are now looking ahead, fear is behind you. Breathe into that moment, that solution and realize that fear only exists in your thoughts.

I have written about this fear before. My friend Brenda had a fear of public speaking that she overcame through one hypnotic session. It has made a big difference for her in her career since then. She stands before groups and keeps them enthralled with her talks.

The fear of public speaking is considered to be the number one fear people suffer from, even more than the fear of death! Three out of every four individuals has such a fear, that is 75% of the population.

This fear knows no boundaries of sex, race, class or anything else you can imagine. Ironically, the audience wants the speaker to succeed.

And yet…..

We perceive the audience as the enemy. We have visions of the audience waiting to pounce on our every word, find our faults, shine a light on our weaknesses.

I once was that fear filled person. I hated being called upon in class, hated giving speeches or even being noticed! Now, I teach at conventions, speak anywhere and everywhere I am invited and make appearances on television on a regular basis. I know the fear, I know the thrill of overcoming it.

Think about the freedom you could have if you were to overcome a fear of public speaking.

Last night I had the privilege of attending a birthday party for a friend of mine, who has just turned the corner of another decade. We have been friends for a decade, so this seemed right somehow. When I first met this woman, our sons were taking fencing together. She had just come from a swim and I remember being in awe of her. She appeared to have it so together. She was attractive, regal, maybe just poised. I don’t know what it was, she just seemed to have that “it” quality. Over the years I have become closer to her, although our sons have drifted apart.

This courageous woman has had a remarkable journey to becoming a published author and speaker. Her path is a story that only she can tell and give it true justice. When her book is released at the end of this year, I will be sure to let everyone know.

I digress.

The party was held to honor this friend by another friend of hers. She gathered us together with the instructions that we were to bring our thoughts about the guest of honor in a way that we could share, whether in song, poem, prayer, whatever our inspirations and talents lead us.

I asked each of the invitees to please send me a word that “SHE” seemed to represent in their lives and thoughts. I was given a wonderful list; words such as passionate, joy, brilliant and persistent. From this list I was able to create a hypnotic journey for all of us. For my friend, it was a chance to embrace how others see her and allow those words to become a part of her personal power. For the rest of us, it was a chance to embrace what we love about our friend and imbue that quality until it became our own.

It was interesting to observe the responses. At first the birthday girl had a little difficulty accepting that she could embrace herself, but once she did, she felt profoundly healed. She looked forward to listening again, at home and recalling the love that filled the room for her at the party. For others, it was a chance to become the quality they had admired. There were some who seemed restless, unable to accept. Others, became quiet and still in a peaceful manner.

I had one woman ask me if I was always that quiet. She said she watched me through out the evening and I seemed to be listening so intently and appeared so calm. This made me laugh. Yes, I had spent the evening listening to all of the stories being shared about my friend and by my friend. I had felt the peacefulness of friends just loving one another. I just never thought of myself as quiet! When I asked my husband about her comment, he split a gut laughing. Oh well, I guess for one moment in time, I was the quiet, still one.

It was suggested that I add these personalized audios to my website. Many of the attendees wanted to utilize this idea to honor another person in their life. So, I am considering offering such a product. I wonder if there is enough interest out there to go ahead and do it?

P.S. The hostess of the party is amazingly gracious and her home is so serene. So I just had to add a plug for her website, a virtual spa. Click on: Serenity Pathways and enjoy! Telll her Debbie sent you.

This is primarily for other bloggers who are members of Entrecard. If you aren’t, you reallly might want to consider it. It has been a great community for me, a newbie at blogging.

Anyway, one of the first people to step up and help me understand “the system” was Stan of Fantasy Baseball. He is a genuine guy, although he loves to act tough and will often tease others in the Ecard community. He has been my hero for awhile. I know of another he gave moral support to, when the kid needed it as well.

Well, Stan decided to have a contest and because it was Stan, I agreed to be one of the sponsors. So here goes, this is a list of the sponsors and prizes. One of the rules of the game, I am to list the prize I most want. I think I would like to be on the Diet Pulpit banner, myself.

By the way, I am not listed by my blog name, unlike every other blogger here. No, Stan just calls me The Hypnotist. There are other Ecard Hypnosis blogs, but to him I am The Hynotist. That’s ok, he actually called me sweet once in the forums too, shows what he knows. right?


Fantasy Baseball – 10,000ec — You can trade in 10,000ec for, like, Graham’s car or something.
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The Hypnotist – A Hypnotic Audio – I don’t think this will simply be trance music. I could be wrong.

Yes, it is an actual hypnosis audio, not just music!

Can you please hypnotize me so that I can prove to my boyfriend that I am telling the truth? We have been together for a long time and now my boyfriend thinks I have been seeing other men. I want to prove to him that I haven’t so he won’t get so angry.

While I have other concerns I will address, the first response to the above question was, while I can hypnotize you and you can answer questions during that time about your relationships and whether you are seeing others, I cannot guarantee that what you tell me is the truth. Why? Because hypnosis is not truth serum, plain and simple you can lie while in a hypnotic state.

Remember, hypnosis is a natural occurrence. It is a state of focus, mental alertness. If you are determined to protect information and that is best done by lying, you can lie. I do not control you when you are experiencing hypnosis, you are in control at all times.

While is is great PR to tell the world as a hypnotist that you are going to put someone famous under and get to the truth, that is all it is, media hype. In forensic hypnosis, there are very specific rules as to how questions are asked. Forensic hypnosis is about helping someone recall past information, not creating new theories or supporting old ones, nor is it about finally getting the truth from the witness.

My next response to such a question is that I see red flags all over a relationship that has such big time issues. Perhaps I could refer you to a good couples therapist?

I have made an online friend with the adorable Rachel of The Baked Blogger. Rachel blogs about her baking, her family and life in general. Whether or not we agree, she is as sweet as the recipes she shares.

Unfortunately, Rachel tagged me with yet another of those meme games. I swore I would never do another, so I guess my swearing doesn’t mean much at this moment. Let this serve as a warning, however, to any and all others, I will not participate ever again!

In this particular game, I am expected to list 7 facts about myself that make me useful? What, like a cup or a monkey wrench? That is a tough one for me. Maybe if I compare myself to useful items in my life I will be able to come up with seven things.

1. A cup: you fill a cup with a liquid to hold it as you drink from it as needed. I am willing to be filled with your thoughts and dreams prior to a hypnosis session, then you slowly will drain back as needed. (Ugh, already this is sounding corny.)

2. A shoe: shoes provide protection for your feet as you walk on your journey, as well as often building your self esteem and identity. Hopefully, I provide a safe space for you on your journey, while you begin to become aware of your value and uniqueness.

3. A watch: watches keep you aware of the passing of time. It is my goal to help you enjoy the moments as they pass, noticing the joys in each one.

4. A cell phone: a way to communicate with others, no matter where you are or they are. It is my hope that through our sessions, you improve the internal dialogue you have, thus improving your interactions with everyone you encounter.

5. A hacky sack: no, I am not the universal hacky sack for everyone to kick and toss. However, when you play with a hacky sack, often you release energy and develop coordination, through focus. I allow people to vent and release, then help them become more focused on achieving their goals, leaving the mundane garbage behind.

6. A pen: pens are used to journal, to sign documents, to leave a mark behind. In hypnosis you are able to go into a brain wave pattern that allows for creative thought and answers. If you follow a hypnosis session with journaling, amazing stuff ends up on the page! Stuff that may help you create your signature or mark!

7. The delete key: Imagine taking old beliefs about yourself that limited you in some way and just plain hitting delete. That is what often occurs in a hypnosis session.

Ok, I played along. I am not sure this was exactly what Rachel meant, not what you, my loyal friends hoped to find here today. It is what it is. Next blog, back to hypnotic thoughts.

I belong to a networking group that meets on Fridays. Each meeting, we stand up and introduce ourselves. Each week, three different businesses share a short (5 minute) talk about what the business is about. To better know about the businesses, we are encouraged to make appointments with one another for a brief personal meeting. It is a wonderful group of people, many different professions are involved and all the participants seem to be of a very high caliber.

The Friday before this last one, a woman (I will call her Brenda) stood up to share about her business. She suffered from the single most common phobia, fear of public speaking. It is said to affect as much as 75% of the population. Public speaking is also considered one of the most valuable skills a person can have in business. Well, Brenda was unable to get through the entire 5 minutes of speaking time. She shook visibly and was near tears several times. What was amazing, was that through all of that, she had a tremendous and powerful story to tell. Her business is her passion and her goal is to benefit special needs individuals. Brenda touched my heart.

It was announced at the end of that meeting who the next week speakers were to be. I was one of the speakers. How fortuitous! Some days life just hands you solutions without even having to look. I called Brenda and she agreed to meet with me in exchange for my speech time. We met in my office and had an incredible session regarding public speaking. Brenda was open and receptive to the idea of overcoming her fear. Brenda is bright and charming. We worked together for a few hours. That’s it. One hypnosis session, we recorded. She had one opportunity to listen to the session again before Friday. Brenda left my office saying she felt self empowered.

I arrived on Friday, with great anticipation. How exciting for Brenda to be able to share everything she had told me about her dreams and goals with this group. I just knew when they heard all she hoped to do, they would love her as much as I now did. When I stood up to introduce myself, I did it using sign language as well as speaking. This was to support her upcoming talk. People weren’t sure why, but I tend to go against the norm in that group, so they played along.

I was announced as the first speaker. Brenda stood up, went into the center of the room and asked a powerful question. There were immediate responses. She played with the crowd, creating word pictures and spinning her tale. The group was mesmerized! (She was hypnotic!) Brenda went around the room, making eye contact and drawing everyone in. There was no back ground chatter, she had taken control of this crowd. When she finished her talk, the room burst into applause, giving her a standing ovation. Tears of pride and joy streamed down my face. Brenda had delivered her message and it was received. Imagine the difference for Brenda now that she has this level of confidence making her presentations for her business. Now, that she has the power to make a difference.

I was on a different plain for the rest of the day. It helped to create a great start to my weekend. Now, as I sit here this morning, I wonder, how many opportunities I will be offered this week to experience such amazing change. How many opportunities will you encounter for personal change? Will you take advantage of them the way Brenda did?

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