Last night I had the privilege of attending a birthday party for a friend of mine, who has just turned the corner of another decade. We have been friends for a decade, so this seemed right somehow. When I first met this woman, our sons were taking fencing together. She had just come from a swim and I remember being in awe of her. She appeared to have it so together. She was attractive, regal, maybe just poised. I don’t know what it was, she just seemed to have that “it” quality. Over the years I have become closer to her, although our sons have drifted apart.

This courageous woman has had a remarkable journey to becoming a published author and speaker. Her path is a story that only she can tell and give it true justice. When her book is released at the end of this year, I will be sure to let everyone know.

I digress.

The party was held to honor this friend by another friend of hers. She gathered us together with the instructions that we were to bring our thoughts about the guest of honor in a way that we could share, whether in song, poem, prayer, whatever our inspirations and talents lead us.

I asked each of the invitees to please send me a word that “SHE” seemed to represent in their lives and thoughts. I was given a wonderful list; words such as passionate, joy, brilliant and persistent. From this list I was able to create a hypnotic journey for all of us. For my friend, it was a chance to embrace how others see her and allow those words to become a part of her personal power. For the rest of us, it was a chance to embrace what we love about our friend and imbue that quality until it became our own.

It was interesting to observe the responses. At first the birthday girl had a little difficulty accepting that she could embrace herself, but once she did, she felt profoundly healed. She looked forward to listening again, at home and recalling the love that filled the room for her at the party. For others, it was a chance to become the quality they had admired. There were some who seemed restless, unable to accept. Others, became quiet and still in a peaceful manner.

I had one woman ask me if I was always that quiet. She said she watched me through out the evening and I seemed to be listening so intently and appeared so calm. This made me laugh. Yes, I had spent the evening listening to all of the stories being shared about my friend and by my friend. I had felt the peacefulness of friends just loving one another. I just never thought of myself as quiet! When I asked my husband about her comment, he split a gut laughing. Oh well, I guess for one moment in time, I was the quiet, still one.

It was suggested that I add these personalized audios to my website. Many of the attendees wanted to utilize this idea to honor another person in their life. So, I am considering offering such a product. I wonder if there is enough interest out there to go ahead and do it?

P.S. The hostess of the party is amazingly gracious and her home is so serene. So I just had to add a plug for her website, a virtual spa. Click on: Serenity Pathways and enjoy! Telll her Debbie sent you.