It is Friday, Friday the 13th no less! According to the superstitious, that is supposed to make today unlucky. Watch out for ladders. Beware of black cats crossing your path. Watch out, the number 13 is unlucky. I am afraid I don’t buy into that, not even a little. In fact, my house is numbered 14. My neighbor is 12, 13 was skipped. I should be number 13.


So, I asked the post office to please change my address to the proper number, they refused. Often now, I will use the number 13 on mail that I want to see if they sell my name on lists. Seems like a lucky opportunity to me.

I asked my cat, Sassy her opinion of Friday the 13th. This was her response.

So, I went downstairs to look for ladders. This one might be a bit hard for me to walk under, I am not sure how I can test my luck with this.

OK, so maybe I should spill some salt. Drat, we don’t have any in the house, do you suppose I could use the bag of tablets from the water softener? If so, I will have to wait until my son gets home, the bag is pretty heavy for me to lift. I know, I will just continue with my day and my life. So far, thinking positive thoughts have helped. Why change now?