Although I have a commitment to building self-confidence in myself as well as my clients, I understand I am a work in progress. During this month of working on self-improvement, I find myself perusing all types of notes I have stored away for a rainy day. Ironically, as I am posting this, it has been a very rainy day. Part of my intent was to continue with my theme of clearing out clutter. Part of it was to continue my Happiness Habits and part of today’s perusal was due to the rain. I found the list below and I am not really sure where I first came upon it or who the author is. Most likely, Napolean Hill, as it seems like his style of writing. Regardless, I thought with this month being National Self Improvement Month and as building our self-confidence can only help us improve, this was worth sharing.

Commitment to Confidence Building

1. I know that I have the ability to accomplish all that I undertake. I know that to succeed, I have only to establish this belief in myself and follow it with vigorous, aggressive action. I will establish it.

2. I realize that my thoughts eventually reproduce themselves in material form and substance and become real in the physical state. Therefore, I will concentrate upon the daily task of thinking of the person I intend to be and of drawing a mental picture of this person and of transforming this picture into reality. Here describe in detail your chief aim.

3. I am studying with the firm intention of mastering the fundamental principles through which I will attract to me the desirable things of life. Through this study, I am becoming more self –reliant and more cheerful. I am developing sympathy for my fellow man and I am becoming stronger both mentally and physically. I am learning to smile the smile that plays upon the heart as well as the lips.

4. I am mastering and overpowering the habit of starting something that I don’t finish. From this time forward, I will first plan all that I wish to do, making a clear mental picture of it and then I will let nothing interfere with my plans until I have developed them into realities.

5. I have clearly mapped out and planned the work that I intend to follow for the ensuing five years. I have set a price upon my services for each of the five years. A price that I intend to command through strict application of the principle of efficient satisfactory service.

6. I fully realize that genuine success will come only through strict application of the “Golden Rule” principles. I will therefore, engage in no transaction which does not benefit alike all who participate in it. I will succeed by attracting to me the forces which I wish to use. I will induce others to serve me because of my willingness to serve them. I will gain the friendship of my fellow man because of my kindness and my willingness to be a friend. I will eliminate from my mind fear by developing in its place courage. I will eliminate skepticism by developing faith. I will eliminate hatred and cynicism by developing love for humanity.

7. I will learn to stand upon my feet and express myself with simple, clear and concise language and to speak with force and enthusiasm in a manner that will carry conviction. I will cause others to become interested in me because I will first be interested in them. I will eliminate selfishness and will develop in its place the spirit of service.