Dieters often think they’ll feel dissatisfied if they make healthy choices but usually they actually feel MORE dissatisfied when they end up feeling badly about eating unhealthy food. It may be difficult (in the moment) to decide to eat healthy, but the lack of regret after feels great! Healthy eating is a way of life, not a quick trick to fool the scales.

 Water, Secret Weapon or Royal Flush?

healthy eating includes drinking water

healthy eating includes drinking water


Have you been told to drink water in order to shed those pounds? Do you wonder if it is true? Well, here’s the scoop:

Water does not have some magical property that burns fat, but it definitely can help you with your weight-shedding efforts. Staying hydrated can help you avoid over eating. Often people confuse thirst signals with hunger. Studies show that those who sip water through out the day tend to take in fewer calories. It is necessary for the bodies organs to function properly and helps to increase metabolism. Water also helps to flush toxins from your body. If you are having digestive issues, drinking water can help to soothe and kickstart your digestion. A lack of hydration will cause the digestive system to stop.

A reminder, when you are drinking water, you aren’t drinking sugary, high calorie beverages. Raise a glass of H2O for healthy eating!


Labels Are Your Friend For Healthy Eating



As a child learning to read, the colorful labels of cereal boxes were as sweet as the sugary contents to me. Now as I am  interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle labels have a whole new interest for me. Many food products are promoted as healthy choices and are often advertised as ‘low fat’, ‘sugar free’ or ‘high in fibre’ to quote just a few.  Just because a product makes one food claim, or the packaging says “all natural” doesn’t mean it is the best or the healthiest choice.

Research has shown that people who read nutrition labels are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t.  Still, knowing the answers to questions such as: How much fat is too much fat? How much fiber is in ‘high fiber’ product? How many calories are in the serve size?  can make it easier to choose the healthier options when faced with the multitude of products available to us today. To better understand reading labels for healthy eating visit the American Heart Association.


What Triggers Your Head Hunger?

emotional vs real hunger


The Urge To Splurge


If you have been on vacation or to an event that involved lots of feasting, you may have been tempted to over indulge. Prevention is your best and easiest way to be successful. Make a plan for how you are going to travel while eating healthy. Plan for the event and how you will approach eating without going crazy. The old axiom Those who fail to plan, plan to fail holds true when attemptng to change bad habits into healthy eating.

If you have already gone off track while vacationing or at an event be kind to yourself. EVERY SINGLE dieting mistake can be turned into a valuable lesson when you take the time to figure out why it happened and what specifically you can do in the future to change the outcome of a similar situation. The most successful dieters are not the ones who never make a mistake, it is the dieters who make mistakes and instantly get back on track that succeed. Take time out to learn and remember that while everyone makes mistakes, not everyone uses the mistakes as an excuse to continue to make more. 


 Choice is Yours


Just a reminder how important your words are. When you speak in positives the mind will follow much more willingly then when you are negative or harsh with yourself. When you tell yourself what you ‘have to’ do or what you ‘can’t’ do, the deprivation language makes you rebel. But if you say, ‘I’m not going to have that—I won’t’ it’s a choice and you’re in control.

Remember, if you wouldn’t speak to a friend or co-worker with the same words or tone, then give yourself the same respect