Father’s Day is fast approaching. For me, this is a special time. You see, my father is alive and still my hero. He taught me to walk my talk, to listen with my head and my heart and to “whistle while I work”. Okay, so the whistling part may not work while I am in a hypnosis session, but the idea remains the same. My father never let failure become his reality. I would watch him tinker in the garage or fix something in need of repair all the while totally focused and relaxed. If something fell apart in his hands, he would quietly whistle and ananlyze what the solution was, next thing you know, he had it all under control and in working order again.

The same beliefs held true with personal trials. My father would listen to whatever tale of woe I had and become quiet for a moment. Then he would begin to point out what I could learn out of the situation and encourage me to step out in faith that I was not alone, I had support and the ability to accomplish whatever it was I needed to accomplish.

When he first heard I was persuing an interest in hypnosis, he was concerned. He had heard all of the myths about hypnosis and wanted me safe. When I gave him the factual information, he listened. Once he understood how it was natural, safe (especially safe) and effective, he gave it a go. Now, my father inspires many of my sessions (although he may not be aware, as he isn’t present, nor do I ever discuss this with him.)

Funny thing is, he was practicing hypnosis long before he ever was aware of it. That intent focus on solutions, the mindful moments, the whistling to preoccupy the conscious mind, all a part of hypnosis. He loves to fish, it is a time of relaxation and amazing things come forward in his subconscious while waiting for the nibble at the end of his hook. Waiting and praying, inspirations and maginificent Bible lessons pour out of that man.

My sons are blessed with two fathers. Their Bio-Dad (my first husband) and their Step- Dad. Both men love those boys tremendously. Both have contributed to their lives in their unique way. A funny story is a time when both dads took my sons to the driving range. The oldest finished with his bucket of balls and sat back to watch the dads practice. His head rotated from one dad to the next as they took their swings and repeated, “good shot Dad, good shot Dad!) Each dad got praise with each swing of the club.

Recently I was interviewed on Tampabay’s10 news regarding my work with golfers. So, in honor of my Dad, my sons Dads and all the other dads out there, I am offering discounted golf sessions for a limited time. Contact me through email or go to my website: for more details.

Happy Father’s Day to all!

I must confess….it is true…I have a tremendous weakness, an addiction if you will…..

I am hooked on hypnosis! It is so much fun to relax and allow my creative subconscious take over. Life has it’s ups and downs, no matter who you are. I am a pretty positive person, or so I am told by everyone! In fact, my husband embarrasses me with his comments about my positive attitude. (He claims sunshine emits from my body which is funny because my Grandfather’s nickname for me as a child was Sunshine Cookie!) Still, I am human and I have moments. It is in those times that my addiction kicks in. When I feel overwhelmed or constrained, I allow myself to lapse into trance. Quick and easy, it is a natural state, suddenly my subconscious takes over and possibilities and opportunities become my reality.

Recently, I had a very real challenge. It concerned my youngest son and his health. Most any parent understands that when the kids are concerned, you will do anything to take their pain away. And I do mean anything. Well, the facts were not looking so positive. The reality seemed harsh. So, when I would feel myself going to that grim, dark place, I had no choice. I had to focus on possibilities. After all, my son was counting on me.

I would relax, recall all the great moments of my life, of his life and of times I have spent with our family that are great. I would allow myself to fill with that powerful, positive emotion and then transfer those thoughts to him in a future moment, healthy and happy. I would see us celebrating his successes in life. It helped me focus on the possibilities that he has. He did the same thing during this process, focusing on reaching his goals. (He is an amazing young man, I think he is who I want to be when I grow up!)

Good news….he is healthy. He is happy. I am overjoyed!

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