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It never fails that when I tell people how I make my living—as a hypnotherapist hypnotizing people slim—they inevitably ask: Does it work; does hypnosis really help with weight loss? My answer usually brightens their eyes with something between excitement and incredulity because most people don’t realize that adding trance to your weight loss efforts can help you lose more weight and keep it off longer. Although hypnosis predates carb and calorie counting by a few centuries, I often hear from desperate individuals that this is their last hope.  Because of stage and screen portrayals of hypnosis as mind control or at the very least parlor tricks the benefits of hypnosis has long been misunderstood.  It isn’t until everything has been exhausted and people are feeling out of control that most people are willing to try hypnosis. Once they realize their goals, I hear “I should have called you first.” If only people understood that hypnosis is a non-invasive tool that can be used for focus and reaching goals.  Hypnosis is also helpful in uncovering and discovering underlying, unconscious emotional factors that cause overeating or making poor food choices when stressed, anxious, bored, depressed, and so forth. Once these emotional eating factors are made conscious, hypnosis is then used to assist changing to more positive motivators and better choices. I understand that most people really want to do the right thing. They start diet after diet only to go back to old unhealthy habits when faced with the demands of everyday life. Most of my clients know every calorie or carb count, what exercises burn the most fat, etc. Ask anyone on the street about his eating or exercise habits and chances are, he’ll tell you he knows he should eat better and get more exercise, but … and they follow up with a litany of excuses. I hear excuses every day, yet those excuses aren’t changing the scales. When people call me about hypnosis for weight loss, I explain that I have several protocols I can follow. The Virtual Gastric Band has a huge 95% success rate according to test groups (my success has been similar). There are other methods that can be used as well, depending upon the needs and goals of the individual. There are as many ways to approach hypnosis for weight loss as there are people needing to make the change. My job is to find the proper fit for you, your job is to show up and be honest.


There are also as many excuses for not committing to change as there are people. I have heard many of these excuses, repeatedly. It’s always easy to come up with reasons to avoid getting started with a healthy eating or weight-loss plan. But all too often, these reasons are really just excuses. “I don’t have time to cook or exercise, I have too much stress to keep on a diet, it’s in my genes, I travel too much, etc.”

In January 2013, Lena Redding walked into my life. It was a slow and courageous walk. In the year that followed, her steps became lighter, quicker and more determined. I have had the great joy and privilege to be a part of that journey. Allow me to digress in order that I may explain.
Lena was recently featured in an article in the Personal Best section of the Tampa Bay Times. Writer Irene Maher shared Lena’s new found love of Zumba and how she has made the decision to inspire and motivate others to becoming fit and healthy no matter how large they are. (Lena began her own journey at 324 pounds.) However, that is only part of the story. Lena’s journey merged with mine when she decided to undergo the Virtual Lap Band™ program.
Lena said, “I always knew I needed to lose weight, no doubt, ‘cause I had tried many times, but my chiropractor had a very stern, but loving talk with me.” Dr. Scott Coletti spoke about the serious issues she would be facing in a 5’2” frame that was carrying 324 pounds.  Although she had been a patient of the practice, it was not the doctor she would normally have visited with, which allowed this talk to stand out even more in her mind.  Lena made the decision to turn this weight around for good.
Lena has tried numerous diets and programs throughout her life, and says that she, like most heavy people, knows all the tricks and tips to weight loss.  She had tried the appetite suppressants in the past and knew they didn’t work for her. She decided to embark on a journey that included hypnosis. Earlier in her life she had ‘fallen” into using a trance state and discovered that it really worked for her. It helped her transition from knowing what to do into actually doing it.
Lena chose to go through a program known as the VirtualGastric Band™ (VGB). This is a procedure of hypnotherapy developed to train the brain to sense that the stomach has been reduced. The sensation is similar to the actual Gastric Band (Lap Band) surgical procedure where a band is placed around the top portion of the stomach creating a small pouch. This creates a feeling of being fuller with less food consumed and significant weight reduction is achieved. The VGB procedure is natural, safe and non-invasive.

Lena was from day one an exemplary client. One of the agreements in the program is that a client will purchase an item of clothing in their desired size. This is to be placed where it will be seen daily. I am insistent that it is something new, past purchases represent past failure.  She not only bought the dress she wanted, she named it. She has kept the outfit wherever she was around her home and even put a picture of it on her cellphone wallpaper to view when away from home. Lena and her outfit have had some serious conversations when she has been tempted to cheat.

Beyond the weight, she says that her biggest change has been that she is now a person who likes to move, she would rather walk and talk then sit and talk. She prefers to be active over going out to snack with friends. Shopping is easier (she no longer needs her friend along to tie shoes when she tries them on), she can check her calendar when invited to go to an event instead of checking on the distance she would have to walk and the size of the seats available. She also believes she is more relaxed with the help of hypnosis, she states, “things aren’t as serious as they used to be”. Even when things are bad her attitude has become “can we solve it and how? If not, it is what it is.”
Although Lena has had tremendous support from Margo, the same friend who used to tie her shoes and she knows she can call her if feeling tempted to get the reminders of why she is doing this. However, not all friends are the same and so Lena believes that you have to be able to walk this journey on your own, because at the end of the day, it is only you who will step on that scale. With as much weight as she needed to shed, there were some moments of temptation and self-doubt. That is when she would listen to her hypnosis audios from the sessions we shared.    
I asked Lena what she liked best about the Virtual GastricBand™ program. This was her response: “What did I like best about the hypnosis sessions?
I imagined the session would focus on what I ate and how much exercise I did.  Boy was I wrong. The sessions were not just focused on what I ate and how much exercise I did or didn’t do that week.  Of course we did discuss those things. However during the session you asked questions like what’s going on?  With that being said, it was up to me to decide what I wanted/needed to talk about.  You were more like a facilitator or guide.  My answer would generate more questions on your part.  By you asking the probing questions we’d get to what the actual issue was. Then another question to help me think about how I could handle the issue/stress in the future.  
Stress eating was an issue for me so if I determined how to handle the stress better it was more likely I’d do it.  That was the key I determined ways to solve my own problems. The sessions worked so well because I was an active participant.”
After Lena dropped some Zumba flyers by his office, Dr. Coletti called Lena to congratulate her on the changes she has made. She said it was a great 15–20 minutes with a “whole lotta love”. Lena has invited me to join in her Zumba classes and I can attest to her energy in those classes. 

When asking Lena if she had any final words for others who want to drop weight and have tried all the usual ways. Her response was, “Overweight people have tried so many things, so why not try stepping outside the box?” She says that feeling the band in her stomach and working on her reasons for overeating have changed her for life!
To attend one of Lena’s Zumba classes, find her schedule here: Lena Reddings Zumba
UPDATE: The fine folks at Zumba found this article and suggested that I could add a link to their coupons. To quote them, “who doesn’t love to save?” Here is the link…. Coupon Codes Zumba

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Cesar A. Lara, MD; Center for Weight Management is now making hypnotherapy available in his Clearwater office. Debbie Lane C.Ht. will be taking appointments on Wednesdays beginning July 13, 2011.  Dr. Lara feels that lifestyle change is the key to successful weight loss, and hypnosis is a tool that can affect behavior and lifestyle quickly and effectively.   Dr. Lara’s vision is not only to help his patients achieve their desired healthy weight, but more importantly, to help each patient develop a healthier lifestyle that will keep the weight off. He believes that the addition of hypnosis will enhance the experiences of his patients.

Lane states, “Hypnosis is powerful, when you use hypnosis to help your weight loss efforts, you get amazing results. Through hypnosis you work directly with the part of your brain that controls your habits, so it becomes easier to instill new habits and breakold ones. Patients in medical weight loss programs or meal plans find that hypnosis is the skill set that helps their success.
The Clearwater office of Cesar A. Lara MD; Center for Weight Management is located at 1217 Ewing Ave., Clearwater, FL 33756. The offices can be reached by phone at 727-446-3021.


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Weight Away Tampa Bay has been active for a couple of months now. Our participants are showing great results. Through Dr. Lara’s weight loss clinics, hypnosis and social networking these ladies have had the tools and support they need to make big changes. Dropping weight and improving attitudes in a fabulous way.

Mark Schantz of The Suncoast News stopped by my office to check on how things were progressing. This is the fabulous report he gave:

Mind over body mass

The International Association of Counselors and Therapists named Debbie Lane International Hypnotist of the Year in 2007 for helping a 15-year-old St. Petersburg girl to stop hiccupping after 38 days.

Lane has taught people how to overcome eating disorders, stop smoking and understand anxieties and fears that sometimes control their lives.

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We have made use of Twitter, Facebook and the blog at Weightawaytampabay.com to keep these individuals motivated. Isn’t current technology awesome in the opportunities it affords us?

I was out and about when I made a quick stop. As I parked, I looked ahead and there was a newspaper box in front of the parking space. I was smiling from that newspaper! That’s right, they put me on the front page! How fun was that. More importantly though, are the individuals who have read the article and realize that there is a chance for them to get help as well.