weight management

It has been understood for some time that cardiovascular health is at risk with excess belly fat. Now there is more bad news. Recent studies have revealed that a large gut in midlife will increase the chance of dementia in old age. The research suggests that abdominal fat is a bigger risk factor even that family history is. To read more about the study that was posted in the Journal of Neurology go here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23800703/

Right before summer time, we are already feeling snug in our clothes after a winter of covering up with layers of clothing. Now more guilt is heaped upon us! There is good news, however. Belly fat will go away with a proper diet and exercise. I am a big believer in committing to a lifestyle change, for good health. Diets don’t work. I have said that forever, now even one of the big diet programs is using that as their advertising. A real commitment to living healthy is what will make the difference. Weight management through hypnosis is an amazing way to create success.

Yesterday, I had a marvelous woman in my office, named Kellie. (She has given me permission to use her name.) Kellie had purchased my Lean Healthy You audio online and listened to it for a few weeks. She laughed as she told me the story of how her husband commented on her dress. Kellie was dressed and ready for church. This was a dress that she had always felt pretty good in. Her husband told her it no longer looked good on her. Her thoughts, unfortunately went straight to the negative. She thought she must be too fat. Then she looked in the mirror and realized her dress was too big. It hung on her!

So, Kellie was ready for more changes and was going to be traveling through my neck of the woods. She called on her way in to Florida and set up an appointment for a hypnosis session. We created a personalized audio in the office. I can’t wait to hear her results on this one.

Kellie called me later in the day with more good news. She had purchased an audio for test stress. She was about to take an exam in order to get her license for her profession. Her previous experience testing was not so good. The call was to tell me she had not only passed, but had gotten 91% correct! She called me before she called her husband. I laughed, then told her she needed to call him. I had a gentleman who used the test stress audio for his exam and did the same thing. When he received the results, he called me right away. Before he called his wife. I encouraged him to call her immediately, after all, those who live with us deal with the pre-test experience and deserve to be in on the celebration!

Did you know that you can release weight through laughter? Really, that’ not a joke. A really good belly laugh, a howl, for fifteen minutes daily will burn up to four extra pounds in a year. Is that enough to win The Biggest Loser? No, but hey, every pound counts. Besides, what better way to help clear out that old stinking thinking!

Children laugh easily and often. It has been said up to 400 times a day. How wonderful is the sound of a child laughing? Yet, as we age, we become serious. Deadly serious. We are lucky to laugh ten times in a day. Funny thing is laughter has so many positive side effects, an actual mind body connection. Our circulation improves as our heart rate quickens, just as in an aerobic workout. Therefore, muscles are worked. Our blood pressure will rise with laughter and then drop below baseline when we finish. Our lungs expand with oxygen and the immune system is boosted. Endorphins (the body’s feel good chemical) are released.

Each morning before my youngest son leaves the house for school, I remind him to find a reason to smile and laugh. When I pick him up after school, he reports to me a funny event of the day. This has taught him to laugh at himself, see the humor in a situation and keep his mind on the positive. It is humbling for me, on the days that I allow life to become too serious. We have great times laughing together, because laughter is contagious.

Laughter is a major tool in our family life. My husband loves to dance with shopping carts in the grocery store, I must admit it has made shopping a whole lot more fun. My oldest will text me through out his day with funny events that happen on campus. I wrote previously about a fun hypnosis experiment I conducted on 97X FM radio. We work daily to keep our positive attitude alive and well.

Imagine burning those extra pounds, improving your health and having fun doing it. Why not start a daily list of reasons to laugh. Begin to record the events that occur through out your day that tickle your funny bone. I wonder how fast that list will grow? How much more you’ll notice the fun in life? Use your imagination during stressful situations to see the event as if it were a comedy or a cartoon. Your boss is yelling, can you see the steam rise out of his collar? Traffic is bad, you can imagine you are riding in the Clampett’s old truck.

Post a reason you have laughed lately. Share with me please, more reasons to laugh. Perhaps it is time for a hypnotic audio on laughter. I better go get started!

Hypnosis may seem magical, but it isn’t magic. Hypnosis is a marvelous tool to use to reach goals, make changes and allow dreams to become realities. That being said, action is still a part of success. (Law Of Attraction) Weight management is a perfect example. Through hypnosis, you may become better about food choices, portion sizes and stopping snacking at night. We can increase your desire to exercise. It is up to you to take responsibility for following through after our session.

I explain all of this by way of sending a huge shout out to a client I will call Ms. E! She has followed through with every suggestion, remaining diligent and has slowly seen progress. She is no where near her goal, yet. She has had physical challenges that are beyond the pale. Still, she hasn’t given up, she just fights harder. Her attitude is positive and determined. In my eyes, she is a star!

Ms. E, you know who you are, I stand in awe of you.

I came across this blog Cinnamon, the new anti-viral medicine and was delighted. According to new research, cinnamon helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and and keep hunger at bay. There is research being done regarding it’s use in preventing the rise of blood sugar levels, thus helping diabetes type 2 patients. Now, there is evidence that studies claim anti-viral benefits for this special cinnamon extract against Avian Flu H9, the Sendai virus, HIV and Herpes Simplex 1, Newcastle disease (in chickens) and the flu.

Not only will this extract fight the viruses, but it will also immunize against them.

A research and license deal on Michael Ovadia’s patent-pending cinnamon extract was signed last week between TAU’s technology transfer company Ramot and Frutarom, a multinational nutraceutical company based in Israel.

Frutarom is expected to use the extract in a whole host of applications from disinfecting the air as a spray against Avian flu in airports; to a daily supplement that protects people against the common flu.

Funny thing, I have been encouraging my smoke cessation and my weight management clients to use cinnamon sticks for quite a while now. It is so nice when science validates a point for you!