I have written about this fear before. My friend Brenda had a fear of public speaking that she overcame through one hypnotic session. It has made a big difference for her in her career since then. She stands before groups and keeps them enthralled with her talks.

The fear of public speaking is considered to be the number one fear people suffer from, even more than the fear of death! Three out of every four individuals has such a fear, that is 75% of the population.

This fear knows no boundaries of sex, race, class or anything else you can imagine. Ironically, the audience wants the speaker to succeed.

And yet…..

We perceive the audience as the enemy. We have visions of the audience waiting to pounce on our every word, find our faults, shine a light on our weaknesses.

I once was that fear filled person. I hated being called upon in class, hated giving speeches or even being noticed! Now, I teach at conventions, speak anywhere and everywhere I am invited and make appearances on television on a regular basis. I know the fear, I know the thrill of overcoming it.

Think about the freedom you could have if you were to overcome a fear of public speaking.