Can you please hypnotize me so that I can prove to my boyfriend that I am telling the truth? We have been together for a long time and now my boyfriend thinks I have been seeing other men. I want to prove to him that I haven’t so he won’t get so angry.

While I have other concerns I will address, the first response to the above question was, while I can hypnotize you and you can answer questions during that time about your relationships and whether you are seeing others, I cannot guarantee that what you tell me is the truth. Why? Because hypnosis is not truth serum, plain and simple you can lie while in a hypnotic state.

Remember, hypnosis is a natural occurrence. It is a state of focus, mental alertness. If you are determined to protect information and that is best done by lying, you can lie. I do not control you when you are experiencing hypnosis, you are in control at all times.

While is is great PR to tell the world as a hypnotist that you are going to put someone famous under and get to the truth, that is all it is, media hype. In forensic hypnosis, there are very specific rules as to how questions are asked. Forensic hypnosis is about helping someone recall past information, not creating new theories or supporting old ones, nor is it about finally getting the truth from the witness.

My next response to such a question is that I see red flags all over a relationship that has such big time issues. Perhaps I could refer you to a good couples therapist?