Yet another in the letters that I get:

I am finding that I have lost my enthusiasm for my work. I am in sales and I can’t seem to close the sale lately. I have heard that hypnosis can help me with this and with self confidence. Can you help me and how many sessions does a typical self confidence program run?

I am often asked if hypnosis can help with matters of improving one’s self image. Yes! After all, how we feel about ourselves starts with what we think about ourselves. If we are continually doubting ourselves and finding fault with who we are and what we do, it will begin to wear us down. The more difficult question is how many sessions are typical. That is like asking a doctor to prescribe over the phone. Without listening to your heart, your lungs or looking at your skin, eyes, etc. how can a doctor be sure because you give him your quick opinion.

Maybe, a better analogy is when I speak with an auto mechanic. I tell him that the car is making a noise like this: ping, patta pat pat, ping ping. So, then I ask, what is it, how long will I be without a car and how much? He always wants to see the car and the person who makes those noises before he can give me a clear answer.

I do my best when on the phone with an individual to ask questions that will give me a little more insight into the presenting issue. I like to get a better feel for how ready that person is to make changes and what their personal goals are. This is more difficult with letters, unless the individual is willing to carry on a bit more correspondence or answer at length several questions that I will mail back. Ultimately, however, the number of session is up to you. You determine how much we will accomplish and when you are satisfied. The work is determined by you, the client, I am simply your tour guide.

What is wonderful, is when I receive a letter or a call from an excited former client, telling me how they have increased their sales and it is all so much more fun now. Just today, I was told by a client that any chance she gets, she tells people how it has changed her life for the better. She makes her living in real estate, imagine feeling that way amidst all the negative media being put out there for her profession.