In my profession there seems to be a divide between those who do stage hypnosis and those who don’t. Because stage hypnosis seems to include comedy and because movies have portrayed hypnosis as mind control, it seems that there are those of my colleagues who avoid the stage or any connection to it. There are even those who will use an abundance of terms to describe hypnosis, but never, ever will they admit it is what they do. That seems silly. How will we ever educate people if we obsfucate?

When I began my practice, I soley did “clinical” work. I worked in a Rehab facility and in private practice. I gave talks about hypnosis to educate others, but refused any requests to do stage work. Well, my son made a point in discussing his future that rang true with me. He wants to study medicine, to become a medical researcher. His comment was, “Doctors can help one patient at a time heal, but how many did Jonas Salk help?” This seemed to make sense at a deeper level with me.

I love working with my clients. It is wonderful to watch the client become self empowered. Teaching people to create healthy new thought patterns and habits is very rewarding. But, I was limiting myself by only doing single sessions. In August at the National Guild Of Hypnostists annual convention, I met a wonderful couple. They were a comedy team, who does stage hypnosis. When I spoke with Beth (Mrs. Hypnotist) I learned of her passion for helping others. Through her stage work, she has helped educate many on the value of hypnosis, rewarded show participants with improved habits and directed individuals to the help they need.

Laughter is the best medicine. I use it to change thoughts often. Through stage work, I can incorporate laughter into the lives of many. I remain respectful of any participants, after all, it is my goal to leave this world a little bit better place than when I arrived.