I went to bed last night with visions of hypnotherapy dancing in my head! I awoke brighter and sharper than I can ever remember. Finally, my favorite day of the year is here, World Hypnotism Day. My husband laughed at me while I danced about the bedroom, getting dressed and singing. When I went to my trusted (at times beloved) computer, I even had e-cards and messages wishing me a Happy World Hypnotism Day!

Off to a breakfast meeting, where I stood up to introduce my self and started dancing around again! I had stopped by a news stand and picked up a copy of the TBT ( a paper published by the St Petersburg Times and there on page 47 was a full page article and even a picture of a session I had done a few days prior with the journalist. I beamed as I shared it with the other attendees.

After the meeting, back at my office, a reporter from the local CBS affiliate met me with his camera man along for the fun. A client of mine willingly spoke about her experiences with hypnosis and the reporter asked her if she would go under right then. She agreed and we had a blast! She wanted to work on getting the right and perfect agent for her new book Spiritual Geography. (Her first book, Writing Down The Soul, is about to go to press with Conari Press.) She went into trance and did the work. When she emerged, she was so thrilled, she was fighting tears, she saw the contract, felt the pen and knew it is a reality. (I will post the link to the interview as soon as it is up.) The reporter and I discussed and dispelled common hypnosis myths.

Tonight I speak at Up Hypnosis Institute with several of my colleagues. My talk is on Love Potion Number 9, a fun workshop I give around the end of January each year. Tomorrow I speak at Oak Trail Books on Creating Wealth in 2008. All day I have the opportunity to share hypnosis with everyone I meet. How lucky am I?