Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Marty Matthews, the 4:00 anchor on Tampabay’s Channel 10 news. What a delightful woman she is.

Well, she asked me about the upcoming workshop I have called, “The Real Love Potion Number 9”. Here is our chat:Interview With Marty Matthews

There simply wasn’t enough time to tell her everything about this class and how exciting it will be.

On Wed, Feb 13th and 20th, I’ll share The REAL Love Potion #9. (Hint: It’s not something to drink, it’s something to think!) Through wisdom hypnosis, total relaxation, neuro-linguistic programming and deep writing, you will :
  • measure and build the self esteem necessary to attract love
  • determine where you’re stuck on the map of heartbreak
  • learn how to get unstuck
  • release the mistakes of the past
  • thoroughly describe Mr. or Ms. Right
  • prepare to love and be loved
  • start attracting the right person into your life
Does it work? Ask Janet Conner, columnist and author: “I met Debbie on a Monday, met him on a Friday.” Lance Clarkson, sales professional: “I’m about to marry the woman of my dreams.”

The class is filling up, so if you live in my area and are interested in joining in on the fun, I encourage you to go to my website and pay in advance. I’d hate for you to be turned away at the door because we are so full.

Register here: The Real Love Potion Number 9