This morning was the big event. I went on air with Fisher and Boy of 97x. We had so much fun. Now, it needs to be understood that this is a drive time radio show. Their main objective is entertainment. In fact, that is why they do what they do. It is a passion for bringing a little joy into the lives of their listeners. They shared with me how they love what they do, hope to create a positive moment in the lives of their audience and leave everyone with a smile for some portion of the day.

That is awesome. By creating those laughs, they are shutting off the inner critic. The upper left quadrant of our brain is where that critic lives. By allowing a few moments of fun before starting the day, they are helping their listeners to begin a workday refreshed. The folds of the brain can change, helping to create a permanent positive outlook. We went after the hypnotic portion of the show with that attitude. Let’s have some fun and help people laugh.

I helped Fisher go into hypnosis. He was calm and relaxed. Boy was funny, asking for hypnotherapy on the air to change everything from Fisher’s attitude to world peace. Somewhere in between, we found a compromise.

I believe we accomplished our goal of fun, laughter and even a bit of understanding about hypnosis. The emails and phone calls seemed to weigh in with that opinion. A 20 to 1 in favor of our silliness. So, you can decide. You can laugh if you have a sense of humor. Here is the link:

One more benefit for me, my nephew called my husband. He wasn’t expecting to hear his aunt first thing in the morning. He was laughing at his aunt and probably relieved I’m not his mom! My poor kids, he he!