Another weekend has passed, another week begins. It is amazing how time passes so quickly. As a child, time seems to crawl. You count your age by the smallest of increments in order to sound older. Suddenly, somewhere, time begins to race. This morning I was thinking of my oldest son, picturing him as the sweet cherub faced baby he once was. He is 20 years old now and 6’4″ or more. (All I know is I look up to talk with him.) It seems so recent that he was that baby, however. I was able to recall the smiles, hear his laughs and revisit that wonderful baby smell. It brought back a wonderful feeling of joy, helping me start my week out with a pleasant feeling.

Hypnosis affects time perception. Just last week a client was in my office for a visit. She thought it had only been about 20 minutes. She had actually arrived at 6:00 p.m. and it was now 7:30 p.m. Under hypnosis, she lost all track of time. She has a stressful job and she was amazed how much more energy she had as well. She had arrived at my office exhausted from her day, now she felt invigorated and ready to conquer the world, at least her portion of it. The other benefit, however, is that she sleeps better at night as a result of hypnosis.

Take a moment, and breathe deep. Allow your body to relax. Listen to your body, allow it to tell you where the tensions are and release them. Give yourself permission to feel good, it is wonderful to allow comfort in every part of your body. Then let your mind wander and drift to a happy moment. Recall the memory with every sense. Really enjoy that moment, breathe it in. Now, thinking about the week to come, realize that many more moments are available to create joy and laughter in your life. Many opportunities to feel happy are there. I wonder which ones you will choose?

There was a time, a long time ago it seems, that I was not a
practicing hypnotist, but the notion tickled me relentlessly. It
would show up here and there, coincidence after coincidence all
pointing the way. And then one day, there was a turning point, a
point in which I knew hypnosis was something I wanted to pursue
professionally. Granted the reference was silly, but it egged me on
to learn the truth about the hypnotic myth.

The reference was a
BBC show called "My Hero." Sadly, I could not find
the exact clip that caught my fancy, but it had me rolling for hours.
There is a character, a coarse receptionist type, who became a
hypnotherapist. Mostly it was done to benefit her wealth-wise. But
the end of the episode was just too much, a bit morose and total dark
humor. While at a funeral, as the eulogy was being presented, on
certain words, various members of the crowd would stand up and do
something ridiculous. By the end, with the hypnotic triggers that the
receptionist had embedded into her clients, they were all performing
the motions for "YMCA."

Maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, the clip of the show that I did find is rather silly as well,
but deals with an alien mind control technique. The alien is Thermal
Man, Janet is his human wife, and the precious baby is theirs. Enjoy.

And as you may have guessed, this is not Debbie. I am Ellie Blunt,
the transparent hypnotist. You can find me at

I have had several discussions since yesterday’s post that have led me to write this information today. I love hypnosis, everyone knows that. I believe it is effective and therefore I share stories about my successes in this blog. However, hypnosis is a tool, not a panacea.

Everyone responds differently to various types of medications. My sons are both highly allergic to Ibuprofen. Therefore, I may take it for a headache, but I would never offer it to them. We find alternatives. There are people who walk into my office or buy an audio and they are changed dramatically almost instantly. There are a great many more, however, who take several sessions, of real in depth work. Neither person is right, better or more deserving. It is simply that there is a difference in the individual and the way they find their keys to success.

I am extremely proud of my clients one and all who succeed. Sometimes the successes are harder won and slower to come, but successes they still are. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that works and I witness lives changing every day as a result. Just be aware that there is work involved and commitment. I don’t have a magic wand, I only wish I did.

If I did have that wand, there is one special lady who would already have it used on her. She knows who she is and how much I admire her for the way she has overcome many obstacles. I see changes in her, even when she doesn’t. I know she is a success story in the making.

It has been understood for some time that cardiovascular health is at risk with excess belly fat. Now there is more bad news. Recent studies have revealed that a large gut in midlife will increase the chance of dementia in old age. The research suggests that abdominal fat is a bigger risk factor even that family history is. To read more about the study that was posted in the Journal of Neurology go here:

Right before summer time, we are already feeling snug in our clothes after a winter of covering up with layers of clothing. Now more guilt is heaped upon us! There is good news, however. Belly fat will go away with a proper diet and exercise. I am a big believer in committing to a lifestyle change, for good health. Diets don’t work. I have said that forever, now even one of the big diet programs is using that as their advertising. A real commitment to living healthy is what will make the difference. Weight management through hypnosis is an amazing way to create success.

Yesterday, I had a marvelous woman in my office, named Kellie. (She has given me permission to use her name.) Kellie had purchased my Lean Healthy You audio online and listened to it for a few weeks. She laughed as she told me the story of how her husband commented on her dress. Kellie was dressed and ready for church. This was a dress that she had always felt pretty good in. Her husband told her it no longer looked good on her. Her thoughts, unfortunately went straight to the negative. She thought she must be too fat. Then she looked in the mirror and realized her dress was too big. It hung on her!

So, Kellie was ready for more changes and was going to be traveling through my neck of the woods. She called on her way in to Florida and set up an appointment for a hypnosis session. We created a personalized audio in the office. I can’t wait to hear her results on this one.

Kellie called me later in the day with more good news. She had purchased an audio for test stress. She was about to take an exam in order to get her license for her profession. Her previous experience testing was not so good. The call was to tell me she had not only passed, but had gotten 91% correct! She called me before she called her husband. I laughed, then told her she needed to call him. I had a gentleman who used the test stress audio for his exam and did the same thing. When he received the results, he called me right away. Before he called his wife. I encouraged him to call her immediately, after all, those who live with us deal with the pre-test experience and deserve to be in on the celebration!

Monday morning arrived fast this morning. I spent the weekend with family, doing chores around the house and having some fun as well. Yesterday I took my youngest son to a concert. I remember why I don’t attend them anymore. They are loud, it was outdoors and so very hot and smelly, it was crowded and did I mention that they are loud? Oh well, my son and his buddies had a very good time. I had been given the tickets for free, so I can’t complain about the cost. (Except for the hearing aides I’ll be needing now.)

There are many things I might have preferred to accomplish besides attend the concert. Nothing was as important as how great it made my son feel though. Feeling great, isn’t that what we all want? So, as the adult me sits on a Monday morning thinking about the week to come and all I need to prepare, I begin to feel a fret coming on. Then I remember what it is I do for a living. I help others feel great, gee, wonder if that might work for me too?

So, I begin by asking myself, what do I want to do. Not what do I need to do. Well, writing this blog is something I enjoy, so why don’t put that down on my list. I enjoy feeling organized, so why not list the tasks for the week and line them up in order of priorities, that feels better. There was even time to chat with my mother. I am so very grateful to have both of my parents still alive and healthy. It is important to me to take the time to enjoy that. Oops, I almost forgot a very important activity, a few moments of self hypnosis to relax and all of the sudden, I am feeling good.

The mind is programmed to reject anything that is potentially difficult, thus the difference in need and want. When I thought of everything I needed to do in my day/week, it became a rat race. When I stopped, took a breath and applied that knowledge based on Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) I was able to restart my day in a powerful, positive way. I was able to release that old stinking thinking. Do your best to stop, breathe and change the needs to wants whenever you can. It feels amazing!

My son and his buddy posed with a character that shows up to many local events, The Cowbell Kid. To avoid the obvious questions: My son is the one on the right, Cowbell is the one with the blue hair.

Did I mention it was loud?

This video was sent to me this morning. It just seems to funny not to share on a Friday.
It is off topic,not about hypnosis or NLP, but it did have me mesmerized!

According to the site I found this, it is a combination of two groups:

1. The Red Army Choir, composed of male soldiers and musicians from the former Soviet Union
2. The Lenningrad Cowboys, a Finnish band

They are performing Sweet Home Alabama!

This is just too funny for words.

Happy Friday my friends, think good thoughts!

Many years ago, when my children were very young, my husband and I had dinner with a couple whom we adore. They had two older sons and a much younger daughter. They are bright, both professionals , with a wonderful sense of humor. The conversation turned around to parenting issues (as it often will with parents of little ones). The husband, Lloyd told us about how he loved to tease in a playful way his sons. He would do things that were silly to get a laugh. Sometimes he would pull a trick on them, nothing harmful.

What we loved about his philosophy was that he believed we all end up in Freud’s office eventually, blaming our parents for whatever foibles we have. He decided to address that right up front and give his kids reasons to complain. He coined this, “the revenge method of parenting”. We loved it! I have always said that a mother’s job is to embarrass her children, this seemed to fit right in with that. Therefore, we too, adopted the revenge method of parenting.

Over the years, we refer to it, when laughing with our boys. Last night was a great example of this. It seems that recently my youngest son enters the room at the oddest parts of any given conversation. We may be discussing broccoli, but he walks in as we make a comment that would infer a thousand other topics. He has walked into the living room when the television was on, with a commercial for a show on cable we might never watch, but still, the ad is racy. He will then act mortified, that we are watching such trash. This continued through the night last night, so we decided to have fun with it. Every time we heard his foot steps, we would change the conversation to something totally gross. We accused the dog of all kinds of bodily functions. We would start whispering and giggling or engage in a tremendous lip lock. The poor kid was begging us to get a door that locked into the room, to let him move away, something, anything!

I share this with you, not to garner sympathy for my son. I share this, because I wanted to give you an idea of how easy it is to enjoy laughter. We all laughed all night long, my son shared the world’s worst jokes with us and the night flew by. Here is a link to a fun blog I have recently encountered. They use the English language as a tool for humor, in a clean way! Idiocrasies of the English Language.

Oh, and by the way, Thanks Dr. Lloyd Tabb for giving us this great method and the happiness it has brought over the years!

Did you know that you can release weight through laughter? Really, that’ not a joke. A really good belly laugh, a howl, for fifteen minutes daily will burn up to four extra pounds in a year. Is that enough to win The Biggest Loser? No, but hey, every pound counts. Besides, what better way to help clear out that old stinking thinking!

Children laugh easily and often. It has been said up to 400 times a day. How wonderful is the sound of a child laughing? Yet, as we age, we become serious. Deadly serious. We are lucky to laugh ten times in a day. Funny thing is laughter has so many positive side effects, an actual mind body connection. Our circulation improves as our heart rate quickens, just as in an aerobic workout. Therefore, muscles are worked. Our blood pressure will rise with laughter and then drop below baseline when we finish. Our lungs expand with oxygen and the immune system is boosted. Endorphins (the body’s feel good chemical) are released.

Each morning before my youngest son leaves the house for school, I remind him to find a reason to smile and laugh. When I pick him up after school, he reports to me a funny event of the day. This has taught him to laugh at himself, see the humor in a situation and keep his mind on the positive. It is humbling for me, on the days that I allow life to become too serious. We have great times laughing together, because laughter is contagious.

Laughter is a major tool in our family life. My husband loves to dance with shopping carts in the grocery store, I must admit it has made shopping a whole lot more fun. My oldest will text me through out his day with funny events that happen on campus. I wrote previously about a fun hypnosis experiment I conducted on 97X FM radio. We work daily to keep our positive attitude alive and well.

Imagine burning those extra pounds, improving your health and having fun doing it. Why not start a daily list of reasons to laugh. Begin to record the events that occur through out your day that tickle your funny bone. I wonder how fast that list will grow? How much more you’ll notice the fun in life? Use your imagination during stressful situations to see the event as if it were a comedy or a cartoon. Your boss is yelling, can you see the steam rise out of his collar? Traffic is bad, you can imagine you are riding in the Clampett’s old truck.

Post a reason you have laughed lately. Share with me please, more reasons to laugh. Perhaps it is time for a hypnotic audio on laughter. I better go get started!

The arrival of spring brings thoughts of new beginnings and new possibilities. We tend to spring clean our homes, cleaning out the dirt, the cobwebs that have collected through out the dark winter in our homes. Spring cleaning can happen in our minds as well. When you eliminate the clutter that surrounds you, your body and your head often begin to release as well. (How cool is that right before swimsuit season?)

It is so freeing when you release old negative self talk, the tapes we play over and over of all the reasons we are stuck in a rut. What if we destroyed those old tapes, that old stinking thinking? Imagine finding evidence of ways we are worthy of happiness?

I just had a marvelous young woman in my office, I will call her Eve for this purpose. Eve told me how her boss will bring attention to her accomplishments during meetings, in a positive way, yet, still she hates it. She said her boss celebrates her and she wants to crawl into a hole. Further discussion revealed that the boss was sincere.

Apparently, Eve was never celebrated as a child. In fact, quite the opposite. So, this new feeling was uncomfortable. She did eventually recall one time in her life when her family did celebrate a very real accomplishment. “It felt so good to be heard and seen”, Eve said. We began to look for evidence in her life of times she was heard and seen. Each time she found any, Eve imagined a celebration, feeling those same good feelings from the initial event we discussed. The next step for Eve was to begin a daily journal of moments that she felt she was heard and seen. No matter how small the event, it was a compilation of evidence that she can and will be seen, heard and celebrated.

Perhaps you can find a thought or belief that has been cluttering your mind and holding you back. Begin to search your memory for a time that proved otherwise. Find a second and finally a third piece of evidence. Take a moment to relive those times and create the same sense of good feelings that you felt originally. Each day continue to write these moments down to create your evidence journal. Spend five minutes a day imagining a new thought and allow the clutter to be cleaned out of your mind.

As a post script to Eve, she called to let me know that her boss again mentioned her during a staff meeting. This time she smiled, beamed is what she actually said she did!

May you be blessed in this time of new beginnings and rebirth.

May you experience a miracle in your life every day.

Peace, Love and Joy to all.

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