As I previously mentioned, a CBS affiliate came to my office today to interview me. I had a client in the office and wow! She had so many great things to say, which was a great thrill as I was in an outer office while she was interviewed. They taped us doing a session together as well. Here is the video link: January 4th is World Hypnotism Day


I went to bed last night with visions of hypnotherapy dancing in my head! I awoke brighter and sharper than I can ever remember. Finally, my favorite day of the year is here, World Hypnotism Day. My husband laughed at me while I danced about the bedroom, getting dressed and singing. When I went to my trusted (at times beloved) computer, I even had e-cards and messages wishing me a Happy World Hypnotism Day!

Off to a breakfast meeting, where I stood up to introduce my self and started dancing around again! I had stopped by a news stand and picked up a copy of the TBT ( a paper published by the St Petersburg Times and there on page 47 was a full page article and even a picture of a session I had done a few days prior with the journalist. I beamed as I shared it with the other attendees.

After the meeting, back at my office, a reporter from the local CBS affiliate met me with his camera man along for the fun. A client of mine willingly spoke about her experiences with hypnosis and the reporter asked her if she would go under right then. She agreed and we had a blast! She wanted to work on getting the right and perfect agent for her new book Spiritual Geography. (Her first book, Writing Down The Soul, is about to go to press with Conari Press.) She went into trance and did the work. When she emerged, she was so thrilled, she was fighting tears, she saw the contract, felt the pen and knew it is a reality. (I will post the link to the interview as soon as it is up.) The reporter and I discussed and dispelled common hypnosis myths.

Tonight I speak at Up Hypnosis Institute with several of my colleagues. My talk is on Love Potion Number 9, a fun workshop I give around the end of January each year. Tomorrow I speak at Oak Trail Books on Creating Wealth in 2008. All day I have the opportunity to share hypnosis with everyone I meet. How lucky am I?

I have a wonderful client who has had a dream for some time. Hers has been a dream of stepping outside the box, combining her knowledge of medicine and other healing modalities and her creative nature to birth a new business. She is by “day” a very serious, very accomplished nurse. Her creative side included seeing through the eyes of a lense into the healing power of nature. She has used the power of hypnosis and her subconsiocus to realize this dream.

When I first met with her, this business was only a dream. In fact, when I first met her, she was almost afraid to speak this dream. Since then, she has visualized her desires. She has spoken those desires. Her thoughts have become things and she has taken action. How powerful in the Law Of Attraction it is to take action, yet how seldom that is mentioned.

Well, this incredible woman has taken action. I am pleased and proud to link to her site, Divine Moments Captured. She gives the glory to God, she see’s the beauty in His creation and her ability to capture it has mesmerized my most critical artistic friends. Please, stop and take a moment to visit: Divine Moments Captured

I must add, the genius behind her website is the same genius behind mine. I guess there a times when I just feel blessed! She has promised to attend my World Hypnotism day seminar at Oak Trail Books, if you want to meet this incredible person! (I hope that was okay to share, Cindy!)

I was asked 10 questions by Ellie Blunt, The Transparent Hypnotist. She writes a blog, primarily for my colleagues, although others may be known to enjoy it. Anyway, here is the link to her questions and my answers, please feel free to stop back and comment!

The Transparent Hypnotist

I am like a kid on Christmas Eve, I am so excited. The biggest celebration of hypnosis is about to take place. January 04 is World Hypnotism Day. It was created by Tom Nicoli, to promote a better understanding of hypnosis. This will be the fourth annual day of events. Hypnotists world wide are giving seminars, lectures and offering all kinds of events to help raise awareness of just what it is we do.

I am going to be speaking on creating a wealthy mind set at Oak Trail Books , in Palm Harbor, Florida. It is a free seminar, during which I will be using hypnosis with individuals and the entire group. I plan on making it fun, using a touch of humor and adding a dash of sincere business! If you are local please, join me. Imagine making changes in your life that create the beginnings of something great for the rest of your life!

For those who are not local, do not fret! There are events going on world wide. If you go tot he official website, you can check out your neighborhood to find out what is available for you.

The official website is:

Happy Hypnosis Everyone!

It has been my intention to post more this month. I have had so much I wanted to share. Alas, this very busy season has kept me from doing so. That is a good thing, I have enjoyed my work and the many opportunities it has provided me. My family and social activities have also been a blessing.

This is Christmas Eve, so just let me wish one and all a very blessed holiday. May Santa fill your tree and your stockings with your heart’s desires. Take time to imagine a world in which peace reigns supreme, act as if it were already here.

In my profession there seems to be a divide between those who do stage hypnosis and those who don’t. Because stage hypnosis seems to include comedy and because movies have portrayed hypnosis as mind control, it seems that there are those of my colleagues who avoid the stage or any connection to it. There are even those who will use an abundance of terms to describe hypnosis, but never, ever will they admit it is what they do. That seems silly. How will we ever educate people if we obsfucate?

When I began my practice, I soley did “clinical” work. I worked in a Rehab facility and in private practice. I gave talks about hypnosis to educate others, but refused any requests to do stage work. Well, my son made a point in discussing his future that rang true with me. He wants to study medicine, to become a medical researcher. His comment was, “Doctors can help one patient at a time heal, but how many did Jonas Salk help?” This seemed to make sense at a deeper level with me.

I love working with my clients. It is wonderful to watch the client become self empowered. Teaching people to create healthy new thought patterns and habits is very rewarding. But, I was limiting myself by only doing single sessions. In August at the National Guild Of Hypnostists annual convention, I met a wonderful couple. They were a comedy team, who does stage hypnosis. When I spoke with Beth (Mrs. Hypnotist) I learned of her passion for helping others. Through her stage work, she has helped educate many on the value of hypnosis, rewarded show participants with improved habits and directed individuals to the help they need.

Laughter is the best medicine. I use it to change thoughts often. Through stage work, I can incorporate laughter into the lives of many. I remain respectful of any participants, after all, it is my goal to leave this world a little bit better place than when I arrived.

Today is the day, smokers. Commit to your health and to your finances. KICK BUTT!

To learn some practical tips on quitting, read my article on

My dear friend sent this video to me. He is someone with whom I often share laughter. So, when he said it brought tears to his eyes, I expected to be laughing ’til tears. Not the case. They weren’t tears of sadness either. You have to watch this to understand what I mean. Incredible beauty, true bravery and what a wonderful frame of reference for others with similar situations! For me, truly humbling.

So click on this link and please enjoy. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Yesterday’s Today Show had a segment on hypnosis for pain relief. It was really a good segment, I was pleased. It was not that long ago, you see that the Today Show totally ignored the role that hypnosis played in the helping a young client of mine stop a long term physical ailment. (See my previous blog on Secondary Gains.)

Ironically, I just had a client come to me with a prescription for hypnosis from her doctor, for pain relief. (A good hypnotist will not do pain relief without a doctor writing a prescription for the best interest of the client.) The doctor was delighted to write the ‘script. She sat in the chair in my office and said she couldn’t take much more pain. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least and 10 being the most) she rated her pain right up there at a 10. Slowly, we reduced the pain, until we were able to reach a level of 1! Then she enjoyed the feelings of being pain free. Really enjoyed it. The messages of pain were replaced with messages of comfort in her mind. We gave her the ability to recall this comfort whenever it was needed and appropriate. She practically danced out of my office. I record sessions and give the recordings to my clients for use at another time.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman summed up the segment by saying that when she went to medical school the body – mind connection was ignored, but now that has changed. Medicine has come full circle, she said. Through hypnosis we separate the pain center from the “inner being”. Thank you, Today Show!

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